Statement in Solidarity with Yeon Jeong Lee

We are saddened by the news that one of our students, Yeon Jeong Lee, was the victim of a violent hate crime in London earlier this week. We have been in contact with Yeon in the last few days and are doing all that we can to support them going forward. Yeon has created a […]

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Statement about sex-for-rent exploitation in Canterbury

In recent weeks, an investigation by Unified revealed that a number of Canterbury landlords have been luring students into exploitative sex-for-rent arrangements. The article explains how more than 10 landlords have admitted to taking women students as tenants – some of whom are international students – in exchange for regular sexual favours.   UCASU condemns […]

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On Wednesday 31 January 2018, Tomm Morton and UCA Students’ Union agreed to part ways by mutual agreement. The position will remain vacant throughout the remainder of the academic year, with Riley Clowes (Vice-President Kent) and Phill Dowler (Vice-President Surrey) handling Presidential duties. Students with enquiries should contact Riley or Phill in the first instance.

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We can now announce the dates of our annual main election, during which we elect our three sabbatical officers (President, Vice-President Surrey and Vice-President Kent) as well as one student governor. Nominations for the election will open on Monday 12th February at 10am and close on Friday 23rd February at 3pm. On Tuesday 27th February […]

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Sad news

I am very sorry to have to inform you of the death of second-year UCA Canterbury Interior Architecture & Design student, Oluwaleke Adelaja. This news is very upsetting and I’d like to make sure you’re aware of the support that’s on offer during this difficult time. If you have been affected by the recent sad […]

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An open letter in solidarity with Lily Madigan

An open letter in solidarity with Lily Madigan Since her election as Labour’s Rochester and Strood Women’s Officer on November 16th, one of our Rochester students, Lily Madigan, has been subjected to extremely negative press from several large news publications and public figures. She has been deliberately misgendered and criticised because she is a trans […]

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This week’s by-elections for the roles of Campus Executive Officer and NUS delegate are now suspended, to be held again at the end of November. The nominations will not be re-opened, but voting will now instead take place 16th-17th November 2017. This means that campaigning is also suspended until that voting period opens again. This […]

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This October, we’re electing 8 Campus Executive Officers and 2 NUS delegates. Voting for these is really important, because Campus Executive Officers campaign for issues you care about and work closely with the President/Vice-Presidents to make changes for students. NUS delegates represent UCA on a national level at NUS National Conference. Nominations open at 10am on […]

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In October, we are hosting the annual by-election for eight part-time voluntary Campus Executive Officers and for our two NUS National Conference delegates. Previously we have elected NUS delegates in our main elections later in the year, but this year we will be electing them in October due to an earlier NUS conference date in […]

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It’s elections season at UCASU! Hopefully by now you will already know about the new roles of President, Vice-President Kent, and Vice-President Surrey. These are the roles you voted for in the recent union referendum, and more info can be found about them on the nominations page. But why should you run to be President […]

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