Classical Ballet training disciplines the body with good posture, develops strength, balance, natural co-ordination; as well as stimulating the mind. With regular classes it improves stamina and flexibility; training safer and stronger bodies for dancing. This class is designed for all abilities and genders. In the first few weeks the teacher will evaluate your progress and adapt the sessions to best fit the group. If you have done Ballet grades before please let the teacher know.


Benefits of Ballet

    • Better posture
    • Boosts confidence
    • Improves flexibility
    • Builds muscle and agility
    • Sharpens cognitive function
    • Relieves stress
    • Builds social connections

Instructor Bio

Lecia Hale

“Dancing is like breathing” you cannot do one without the other.

I am so grateful to be able to do what I love best. Working with students and seeing their growth through self expression.

Becoming more confident and soaring like eagles.

I am a longstanding Cecchetti and Imperial Modern Teacher of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing London,  having taught for 40 years running my own academy in  South Africa.

I am grateful to be able to still impart “The Method” as its called, to future generations of dancers and eternally grateful to Maestro

Cecchetti for his gift to us.

I have now relocated to the United Kingdom and presently assisting  Mrs Whitfield at her Demeric School of Dance in Farnham and have been tutoring the students which culminated in the year end examinations and

the “Switching on of the Christmas Lights” in Farnham.


Joining the class

The first session is free for you to try it out. Sessions take place on Tuesdays from 5-6pm in W40. Please wear ballet attire or leggings/ track suit bottoms & t-shirts. Ballet shoes are essential with hair away from faces. Trial class in bare feet is fine. You are welcome to purchase/bring your own ballet shoes and clothing or you can come into the SU office and order through our IDS catalog once you join the class.

The classes run in term 1 and term 2 and there are three payment options available to you to best suit your needs:

3 Monthly Installments  – £15

Upfront Term Payment – £45