Welcome to the UCA African-Caribbean Society.

ACS is the perfect place for our Caribbean students and African students across the diaspora to come together. ACS is a safe place to be yourself and to connect with other students just like yourself. Creating an enriching experience for our members is at the very heart of our activities, to nurture and support you in your studies and in your goals for the future. Our ultimate goal as a society is to empower the black community in the university by celebrating the richness and diversity of African and Caribbean culture.
We host a variety of activities such as: games, discussions, socials and attending networking events, so there will be something for everyone.

The African-Caribbean Society wishes to warmly welcome all black students. We can’t wait meet you!

Facebook: UCA Farnham ACS



Group President – Glennecia Samuel

Membership President – Anya Bess

Experience President – Karabo Magooa



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