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Here you can find useful documents that will help you with the everyday running of your club or society.


Booking Space, rooms or areas on campus

On campus you have access to a huge number of lecture theatres and classrooms that can be used for your club/society meetings, activities and social area. Please fill in a room booking form online within 5 working days of your requested date.

External and internal facilities for sport and fitness activities are available and you should discuss with the Club and Societies Coordinator what needs you have for your group.

Farnham, Epsom and Canterbury campuses have the option to use the bar/canteen area for larger evening events/fundraisers and you should contact the Clubs and Societies Coordinator – to inquire about bookings.

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Please note if you don't have a specific room, one will be allocated randomly for you.
  • Please give details about the nature of the event and why you require the room.






    You can find the following required information in the Charity Commission website.
  • Brief Description (Please give as many details as you can about your event including a breakdown of activities planned, location and details of any raffles, bake sales or collections)
  • Terms and Conditions

    - Any publicity including buckets, posters and collection tins must be labeled with the Charity (who you’re collecting for)’s: Name Logo UK Registered Charity Number Percentage of Proceeds going to Charity Buckets must be returned to the Finance Office before 4pm on the above date. In exceptional circumstances, where fundraising occurs in the evening, buckets must be returned to a manager in a Students' Union outlet and signed for by said member of staff. Should the club/society fail to return buckets to the Students' Union, they hold fundraised monies at their own risk. Any lost or unreturned buckets will be charged to the society. Bucket seals may only be broken by a member of SU staff or the Finance Office. What Will Happen Next? The Clubs and Societies Coordinator will be in touch to approve your collection and provide any support and advice you may require.






    If you did not have the accident write your address and occupation

  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • :
  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY


  • Guest Speaker Request Form

  • The Union takes the safeguarding of UCA students seriously. If you want to bring in a Guest Speaker into your session, you must fill in this form and submit it at least 4 weeks prior to your event taking place. This form also includes an agreement which each Guest Speaker must sign if they are to be allowed on campus which states that they agree to follow UCA’s and UCASU’s Code of Conduct.

    You have a responsibility to your members & your guest speaker to ensure the event takes place in a safe space. Similarly views must abide by the principals outlined below in order to maintain a productive and safe environment for debate & discussion. If attendees violate these safe space principals they will be asked to leave the event.

    Your guest speaker must be made aware of their responsibility to abide by the law, the university and Students’ Union’s various policies which include:

    • They must not incite hatred, violence or call for breaking of the law

    • They are not permitted to encourage, glorify or promote any acts of terrorism including individuals, groups or organisations that support such acts

    • They must not spread hatred and intolerance in the community and thus aid in disrupting social and community harmony

    • Within a framework of positive debate and challenge seek to avoid insulting other faiths or identity groups

    • They are not permitted to raise or gather funds for any external organisation or cause without express permission of the trustees.

    • You must not confirm, book or publicise anything until this form has been cleared and authorised by Head of Membership Engagement following an investigation into the requested speaker.

    The Union reserves the right to cancel or prohibit any event with an external speaker if the procedures provided herein are not followed or if the relevant health, safety and security procedures are not met.

    It is important that you complete all of the sections on this form. If you are unsure about information for any of the sections, please check with the Head of Membership Engagement by emailing

  • Event Details

  • (It will not necessarily mean that your event will be cancelled but the information is important for our risk assessment)
  • Members only? Invitation/ticket only? Open to the general public? Under 18s allowed? Please provide a short description of the event.
  • Information about your guest speaker



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