Fundraise as a Club, Society, Community or Individual


Pick a charity and volunteer your time for a good cause and have fun while you do it! You can pick a charity your group will be passionate about supporting with fundraising event and even volunteering. Through these experiences you will develop new and existing skills, gain experience to enhance your CV and ensure you have a memorable time at UCA!

If you have a charity in mind already then great! If you want to find a charity to fundraise for then contact the Activities Team who can advice you on local and national charities you can fundraise for.

Once you’ve chosen your charity, we’ll manage the finances from ant funds you raise from events or collections. These will be banked with the Students’ Union in the RAG account and donated on your behalf. Your fundraising will be added to the RAG total.



You don’t need to be a Club, Society or Community to fundraise, you can do it as an:

  • Individual
  • Group of Friends
  • Flat/House/Hall Mates
  • Course Reps
  • Course Mates
  • Course Project Groups
  • and any other combination you think would make an awesome fundraising team.

Raising for Local Charities

We are a part of the local community and as such it is important to us to give something back. By fundraising for local charities you get to establish lasting relationships and directly see the impact of your donations. Your money has a greater impact on local groups. They might only need a small donation to operate and make a massive difference.


Your Fundraising

If you want to raise money for charity, the Activities Manager and RAG Working Group are here to help you and can support you with event and ideas planning, budgeting, risk assessments and insurance (whilst insuring you stay on the right side of Charity Law).



We can support you with promoting your fundraiser. We have Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with thousands of followers which we can use to plug your events. We can also provide free printing, buckets and posters with the recognised RAG branding. The Marketing Rep will be your point of call for any marketing and communications support you need.


Benefits of fundraising through RAG:

  • Contacts in the Union, University and further
  • Guidance on Charity Law (trickier then you might think!)
  • Resources such as tins and buckets
  • Experience in student fundraising
  • Promotion of your activities
  • Potential volunteer support
  • Financial Support such as counting and banking
  • Development and Training
  • Health and Safety
  • Reward and Recognition
  • Being on the Fundraising League
  • A Full Time member of Staff