Raising and Giving (RAG)

Fundraising is an important part of campus life at UCA.  We are committed to providing opportunities and ways for students to get involved. Last year we raised £1,053 for charities, both local and national. We’ve got several ways to get involved with fundraising

and we would love you to join in.

RAG stands for ‘Raising and Giving’ and that’s exactly what we do!

UCASU RAG are committed students who spend their time running fundraising events for other students and local residents to support local, national and international charities to spread the famous RAG love!

UCASU RAG are led by a student working group made up of volunteers. You can apply for a specific role or as a general volunteer. Either way everyone is welcome to contribute and help out!

One of the amazing things about RAG is that it can involve and collaborate between any part of the student experience! You can work with courses, departments, staff, clubs, societies, communities, student halls and even alumni, local residents and just as an individual.