Student Cross Discipline Collaboration

Written by:

Bareia Ahmad

UCA Students’ Union notes:

UCA offers a range of courses meaning that students here have a wide range of creative talent. Collaboration between different disciplines is an essential part of creative industries, yet there is no single place for students to advertise collaboration opportunities or for students to sign up to such opportunities.

Such collaborative work would:

  • Give students valuable experience;
  • Help them develop various skills;
  • Broaden the possibilities of the projects they can undertake;
  • Help student create their own professional networks; and
  • Help to unify the different campuses.

UCA Students’ Union believes:

Facilitating collaborative opportunities would be hugely beneficial for students and should be an area of future development for the union.

UCA Students’ Union resolves:

To create and maintain a physical and online place for:

  • Students to post collaborative opportunities;
  • Students to post their portfolios and put themselves forward to collaborative opportunities;
  • Facility and resource sharing between campuses.

To keep the physical and online spaces up-to-date with each other’s content.

To collate a virtual yellow pages of names, skills and links to portfolios to different UCA students and graduates.