Student Accommodation Energy Saving Initiative

Proposer: Anna Berman Seconder: Anthony Gray

UCASU notes:

UCA university accommodation has bills included in student rent. The energy at each accommodation is measured every quarter. The energy use is measured by each flat or building block. The average rates can be calculated and a system can be made from this calculation energy use in each quarter can be measured.

  • Having ‘bills not included’ would be difficult for UCAs financial department.
  • University Accommodation = Bills Included
  • Living out of Accommodation = Bills not included (in most cases)

Having Energy Bills not included in rent makes students more aware of:

  • How much energy they are using
  • How much that energy costs them

UCASU believes:

An Easy Solution to Reward Students for Energy Saving!

Benefits to the Students

Use less electrical, gas and water and earn University Credit! Redeemable in:

  • Printing Credit
  • Art Supplies
  • The Café
  • The Bar

Benefits to the University

  • Saving money on Energy
  • Improving its sustainable platform
  • Making a change for a positive future
  • Teaching students valuable life skills
  • Giving students something back for helping the environment

UCASU resolves:

Start the process of Implementing the Student Accommodation Energy Saving Initiative at all UCA campuses.

Suggested UCA Improvements

  • Detailed analysis of energy use on the scale of Each Student / Each Month
  • UCA should employ a Sustainability Team as the best UK Universities do
  • This team could solve similar issues and create more initiatives that benefit both students, the environment and the university itself. ASC-06-13 – The Union should promote energy saving in university accommodation
  • This initiative could have garbage, recycling and tidiness points for each flat