No Platform for Fascism and Racism at UCA.

Proposer: Lucy Davis Seconder: The Executive Committee

This Union Notes:

1. That NUS have a ‘No Platform’ Policy which states that no “individuals or members of organisations or groups identified by the Democratic Procedures Committee as holding racist or fascist views” may stand for election to any NUS position, or attend or speak at any NUS function or conference.

2. That many other Students’ Unions have adopted a similar No Platform policy.

3. That UCA Students’ Union does not currently have a No Platform Policy.

This Union Believes:

1. That racism and fascism are not welcome within the union or university, and that this belief should be formally expressed in writing.

2. That it is within the interest of our students to have a No Platform Policy.

3. That instating such a policy would not harm our membership’s right to freedom of speech.

This Union Resolves:

1. For the Executive Committee to write a No Platform Policy with the assistance of the Chief Executive, NUS, The University’s Equality and Diversity team and Council Members.

2. To ban organisations or individuals deemed to clearly hold racist or fascist views from standing for election to any UCASU position, or attending any UCASU functions or conferences.

3. To continue to support our membership’s right to freedom of speech.