Introduce regulations to derecognise inactive council officers

Proposer: Amalie Rosendahl Seconder: Peter Hopton

UCASU notes:

  • Council members ran for their position as they have an interest in improving that area.
  • That council members are voted into post by the majority of the student body.
  • That some council members do not make an effort to show for meetings or even to denote absence.

UCASU believes:

  • That inactive council members should receive warnings in the form of a call and an email when not denoting absence for a meeting.
  • That there is no point in keeping inactive council members as they serve no purpose and take up time and space in the minutes and cause frustration amongst active members.

UCASU resolves:

  • There should be an email by the SU office to the council member each time a meeting was missed and no apologies received.
  • After the third occasion a formal email should be sent by the SU Campus Officer explaining the situation and consequences.
  • If there is no improvement the council member can be derecognised by the Student Council voting with ‘no confidence’.