Improving the Quality and Value of Food at UCA

Proposer: Jasmin Grimshaw, Rochester Campus Officer Seconder: Asher Carnell, LGBT Officer at Rochester Student Council

This Union Notes:

1. A survey was conducted across all areas of the university and SU.

2. The survey, titled Big Ideas, stated that out of those asked, 14.86% of students wanted improvements made within the catering department.

3. The focus of the complaints about catering concerned: pricing, quality and choice of vegetarian and vegan options.

This Union Believes:

1. That the current pricing is unacceptable and not suitable for students.

2. That the meals should represent good value for money as students currently argue that it doesn’t.

3. That healthier options should be available at a reasonable and student-friendly price.

4. That as a diverse institution there should be more vegetarian and vegan options available.

5. That as part of a healthy local community, the University should consider using local companies as their suppliers.

This Union Resolves:

1. The Executive Committee to lobby the University to reconsider its pricing within the catering department.

2. The Executive Committee to encourage the University to use locally sourced foods.

3. The Executive Committee to lobby the University to remain an inclusive institution by providing more options vegan and vegetarian on a day to day basis.

4. For the Executive Committee to encourage healthy lifestyles by challenging the catering department on the promotion of healthy foods.

5. For the Executive Committee and individual campus Officers to work in partnership with the catering departments to consistently liaise with students on the quality of their service.