Communication with Students about Clubs & Societies in Epsom

Proposed by Chris Kypri Seconded by Pete Hopton

UCASU Notes:

  • Currently, the SU doesn’t talk to classes specifically about clubs and societies.
  • There is not enough (sufficient) communication about clubs and societies around site.
  • Campus officer’s objective is to double clubs and societies at Epsom.
  • Not all students are aware about current clubs and societies.

UCASU Believes:

  • That it’s our duty to improve communication with students about clubs and societies.
  • There should be one person from each of the societies created to advice, help maintain and run the clubs and report back to SU.
  • The SU officer should be available to easily contact at all times if in need.

UCASU Resolves:

  • More information around the campus about how to set up clubs and societies, as well as advertising existing ones already been set up for everyone.
  • To identify and advertise around the campus those that are in charge of clubs and societies.
  • To create information on how to set up clubs and societies.
  • To make sure the SU officer is available to all, and to help support the running of clubs and societies.
  • Student reps from classes should have annual meetings with SU officers to here students feedback on clubs and societies.