Notice of November by-election and referendum

EDIT: Two pieces of information in this blog post were incorrect. The opening and closing times for nominations and voting were listed as 10am and 3pm: both should say 9am and 5pm. Also, the NUS referendum requires 75% of students to be in favour of leaving NUS, otherwise the motion falls and we remain a member of NUS. The original post said it only needed a simple 50% majority. Apologies for the confusion on these points.


This is formal notice that our annual by-election will be taking place on these dates:

Nominations: 23-30 November
Voting: 3-4 December

Students will be able to nominate themselves to run for a Campus Executive Officer or NUS delegate position, from Monday 23 November at 9am until Monday 30 November at 5pm. There will be a two-day break before voting, to allow candidates to prepare their campaigns and to attend a candidate briefing from the Students' Union.

Voting will be open from Thursday 3 December at 9am till Friday 4 December at 5pm.

The roles that we will be electing in this by-election include:
Campus Executive Officer (HE) - one per campus
Campus Executive Officer (FE) - one per campus
Campus Executive Officer (open place) - one per campus
NUS delegate x 2

Each campus is represented by three Campus Executive Officers. All 12 of Campus Executive Officers, along with the two Presidents, make up the 'Executive Committee'.

This committee meets five times per year to discuss student issues, and vote on motions to improve student life. The Executive Committee has significant democratic power, including being able to change the UCASU constitution, and influence how the Union team spends their time and budget.

In order to be effective members of the committee, Campus Executive Officers are expected to:

  • Attend key Union events such as forums
  • Go out and speak to students, to gather opinions about any current issues on campus
  • Prepare useful motions that they can take to the Executive Committee
  • Vote thoughtfully on motions, considering the opinions and needs of the students they represent


A good Campus Executive Officer will be:

  • Interested in learning about their fellow students
  • Wanting to help others
  • Comfortable speaking to new people
  • Everything else, we can teach you!


If you've got any questions, feel free to message Sophie Jackson on Facebook or email

ust like you are a member of your Students' Union, UCASU is a member of the National Union of Students. NUS hosts a National Conference every year around March/April where representatives from all of the member SUs can come to present and vote on motions. It is very similar to our Executive Committee meetings, but on a much larger scale.

We get to send two student delegates to this conference to have a say in what NUS officers will spend their time and budget doing over the next academic year. NUS delegates get their travel and expenses paid for, and get the opportunity to meet students from hundreds of other institutions from across the country.

This role will not be impacted by the outcome of the NUS referendum, as our membership will be valid until the end of this academic year regardless of the outcome.

If you've got any questions, feel free to message Sophie Jackson on Facebook or email

We will also be holding a referendum on the following question:
"Should UCASU disaffiliate from the National Union of Students (NUS)?"

A "yes" vote would mean that UCASU would end its membership to NUS. A "no" vote would mean that UCASU would remain a member of NUS.

This referendum must reach receive votes from 5% of the student body to be binding. This exact figure will be determined before voting begins, but is estimated to be approximately 300 student votes. For the motion to succeed (meaning we disaffiliate from NUS), 75% of students must vote for this outcome. Less than 75% of votes for disaffiliation would mean that the motion falls and we remain a member of NUS.

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