Submit your work for our Black History Month Gallery!

, September 17, 2020

Hello Everyone! Black History Month is coming up and we want to make sure that we really do it properly this year, making sure we celebrate diversity through art and events, spread education that isn’t taught in schools and ultimately create change‼️ Just want to start off by saying that we are very lucky to […]


, September 16, 2020

In support of Black History Month, this year we are holding an exhibition of art produced by black UCA students, past and present. This exhibition aims to promote greater understanding and the work of current and graduated Black students from UCA. The exhibition is designed to challenge and enrich all who attend asking important questions […]

BHM Update

, September 15, 2020

Black History Month is coming soon. This is a very important month because in order for us to understand the present we have to understand the past. This year we have some exhibitions of art works made by past and present Black students. IN Canterbury the exhibition will be held in the students bar and […]

President Surrey weekly update 7/09/20

, September 7, 2020

Hoping you aren’t getting tired of these cheeky video updates! I’m excited to say that we are officially all back in the SU office, working hard to prepare for an interesting socially distanced return. For more info check out We also continuously working on Freshers to make it Big, Safe and FREE!!! Keep an […]

President Kent weekly update 7/09/2020

, September 7, 2020

We at the SU we are back working in the office, the university is preparing for a social distance return, for more info go to We are working on the Freshers, Big, safe and free, keep an eye on the freshers page for updates. We also have been interviewing in Rochester and Epsom. Soon […]