Student Action Regarding Budget Cuts

Over the past few weeks, we have noticed a high number of students interested in the UCA budget cuts that will be coming into effect before the next academic year. We've had students approach us with their concerns which led to the creation of the ‘Stop UCA Staff Cuts’ petition in April, which has now surpassed 2200 signatures after a huge influx of signatures this week, and students are now organising demonstrations of their campuses.

Taking all of this to account, we as a union will stand with students to defend your student experience and provide you with the right support and information through this campaign.

We will ensure there is clear communication of the timeline regarding the business cases so you can be in the loop of what is going on and will have the documents available for you to read.

You deserve to have your voices heard so we are offering to provide advice to students who would like to independently organise anything on their campuses, whether that is a forum, an open letter or demonstration, taking into account that we will need to review your plans - this is so we can do what we can to provide the right information, advice and make sure these events go on as safely and as peaceful as possible. Once we've been able to talk about your plans with you and consider any needs or risks, the sabbatical officers can help you promote your event, offer help with printing, and take part.

We are determined to defend your student experience and represent your voice. We have created a page on our website which we will be updating to make sure you are up to date with information. You can also sign up so you can receive updates about the campaign as well as submit your feedback.

If you have any questions regarding this campaign, please contact Simone at or Marta at

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