Hello everyone,

I hope you had a good month since the last blog post and that you have submitted most of your work, the deadlines have passed and you're under less pressure currently!
The weather has been a bit up and down, but for those who enjoy the sun and some extra vitamin D, it has made an appearance, I personally couldn't be more thankful! I love my melancholic rainy days, when I feel it's appropriate to stick "Adele 19" on repeat for the whole day, but there's not a better source of energy than the sun for me- it always puts a smile on my face.

You must be wondering what have I been up to recently, well, I've been working :). You might have seen that in the last week of February i went around the four campuses with the Vice Chancellor to hold the Open Forums. Thank you to those who attended, you gave some very valuable feedback that I've taken back to the appropriate people, i.e. accommodation, estates etc.

I've also started preparing for the NUS National Conference to which myself and Riley Clowes are going to represent UCA. It's all about reading motions that students, officers or unions have put through to be discussed at the conference. After being submitted, those motions are being reviewed by the Democratic Procedures Committee to ensure that they are correct, are grouped with motions about similar topics and make sure they aren't repeating themselves. When reviewed, they get put together and grouped into "zones", i.e. education zone, society and citizenship zone etc and sent out to all delegates up and down the country, so that they can vote which topics they wish to be discussed first in something called "Priority Ballot".
The motions that will pass at conference will be endorsed by NUS and will become nationwide student campaign priorities, something that the national presidents will be working on to improve over the next year. We prioritise motions that are important to our student and match our by-laws, supporting minorities and oppressed groups, protecting marginalised groups and work together towards a good future for all students in the UK.

It's nearly the end of March, UNBELIEVABLE! I literally have just over 3 moths left of being president... time flies by when you're busy all the time! I've honestly had the best time so far. There isn't another job like this one- you are being trained in all areas of basically adult life. I had the opportunity to be educated (and forever continue educating myself) in areas that are so important to me like liberation and politics (honestly, no one else will give you such a thorough, inclusive and honest training as UCASU staff members, fo' real tho!).  My SU Family is the most amazing team you could ever wish to work with. Everyone is helpful, understanding and is always there when I struggle along the way. If you want to do what I do, change the future for UCA students, have some impact, make a difference and use your voice! Remember that if you want to run to become a full-time elected Sabbatical Officer you need to be graduating this year or interrupt your studies for 1 year. You can also run to become Student Governor, so that you'll be able to sit on the Board of Governors and represent all of our students.  To nominate yourself click HERE. If you have any questions about the job role, come to our stalls from 12-2pm and ask a member of SU staff :). I'm so excited to find out who's running, we'll all find out on April 1st (AND NO ONE BE FOOLING US!) Voting is 4th- 5th April from 10-3PM. Take this opportunity to use your democratic right and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE (think of those who aren't able to exercise democracy because they're restricted by controlling laws).

I really hope ya'll have a good month, see you soon!

xoxo, M

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