By Lou Hardy and Lucy Sherwood




Cries of desperation from Children, Young Adults and Parents echoed through the streets of Canterbury on Friday 16th February 2019, and we were more than proud to join in and make lots of noise with other passionate individuals. We discovered about this event on the social media platform Facebook, needless to say it sparked our interest.

Meeting at the clock tower on Canterbury High Street, we began to share our opinions with the general public. There was an exciting buzz amongst us, and we felt exhilarated to have the opportunity to express our concerns and protest amongst the general public. We walked around the city from 10am till 2pm, and this protest was worth every minute of our time. This was a nationwide march that took place across 60 towns/cities, and despite some universities having reading week; most young children, adults and others took time off school, studying and work to participate.

This was an external event; however, we were shocked that not many knew about the peaceful protest and we hope that will change the next time we do something as a community. We feel that most of the students at UCA Canterbury are more than supportive of maintaining and loving our planet. We are set on preventing any more damage from impacting our natural and beautiful Earth. We hope that next time a protest like this happens, we can encourage more people from our campus to support and make greater steps towards a better future.

Right to Left: Lucy Sherwood (Year 3 Fine Art UCA), Lou Hardy (Year 2 Fine Art UCA)

(Special thanks to the gentleman who made the protest signs we are holding, whoever you may be…)


This protest was unbelievably fun, we sang songs and had musical instruments and whistles, and it felt like a very friendly community. It was brilliant seeing children’s courage to fight for their future, sharing opinions, speeches and even poetry. One young schoolboy from an institution in Canterbury, stood up and announced how he ignored his teachers’ wishes to leave school in order to express his concerns and defend his opinion. His confidence on Friday made a lot of us feel inspired and We feel that the confidence from these children will aid them in the future for many different experiences. For them, this experience will hopefully be the first of many. We also have a feeling that many of them may end up in politics or being successful public speakers. We just hope school children receive more support to attend events like these, and teachers should be supporting them as well.





There are many things we need to do to change how we as a collective group treat our planet. We have created a short list of things We know YOU can do at home to change some bad habits;


  • Go plastic free.

Going plastic free can be easy to adapt into your life. You can buy cheap reusable coffee cups, and water bottles. Also, you can try and avoid buying food that is wrapped in plastic – such as cucumbers and other veg. If you are finding it hard to go plastic free straight away, you can try a week challenge and begin your journey removing yourself from the equation.


  • Eat less meat.

This was something We really didn’t think was an option. After researching this, we have realised how much our passion for eating meat is impacting our planet. This doesn’t necessarily mean to become vegan or vegetarian but cutting back on the amount of meat we eat can help a great deal.


  • Throw your rubbish away responsibly.

PLEASE don’t be THAT person. It’s so important not to disrespect our environment, let alone the people we live and work around. Check the packaging for the recyclable symbol and, if it states that it can be recycled, dispose of it accordingly. Unfortunately, due to some inconsistencies within different recycling companies across the UK, some items may say that they are recyclable but cannot actually be recycled in this region. But if in doubt, there is a list online of products, plastics etc. that cannot be recycled in Kent.


  • Give your used clothes to charity shops or recycle.

When discarded, used clothes go straight to landfill and they can do so much damage. Look for your local charity shops and bag up used clothes. We know in some charity shops you might be able to exchange a bag of your old unwanted clothes to get vouchers, so when you next buy clothes, you can get money off!


  • Either Car Share, Get Public Transport or Cycle.

This may not sound like a lot, but fumes from vehicles makes a massive difference in our local air quality and smog pollution and also impacts the ozone layer. Our air will be clearer and not only that, it will improve your general health.


  • Sign online petitions and join people like us on protests.

They really do make a difference and our voices start to be heard. Just give it a go!


We won’t ramble on, in fact, we will finish up here. We feel like the protest was so successful, and there will be more to look out for in and around Canterbury. Please think about changing your habits as they will make you feel better about the way you are, and they could influence the actions of others, and maybe, we might just start seeing a difference as well as develop a better future.

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