It’s time for another #WednesdayWins

I’ll start with LGBTQ+ Training, with all the sessions done this has been fairly dormant, however I have been invited to UEG to deliver a brief training session encouraging them to send staff to another session I have been asked to deliver in April to a crowd of (so far) 50+ People. I’m so happy with how this training has been received and this will mean over 100 people would have been trained on LGBTQ+ Student needs. Our Activities coordinator will be rolling out the training to Clubs and society leaders in the next academic year too!

Fair assessment is now becoming a Union project that I will help and be a part of whilst still here, however I will be leaving in June and as this is such an important bit of work it will now be with staff with a supporting officer in future. I will continue to be the supporting officer for the rest of my time in office.

If you’re a Kent student you might of seen some tote bags being made at freshers’ Fairs! We decided to raise money for a trial scheme we are trying to run in Kent to offer free sanitary products to students! We will be repeating the session through LGBTQ+ history month! But more on this later!

We’ve had a huge success in Rochester, after many meetings with students and the many council members. I’m happy to announce that they have agreed to a footpath going through jackson field and coming out at the Bowls club, this is scheduled to start during summer. It’s taken us a while but this was discussed at the last forum and everyone in attendance seemed happy with the plans for the footpath. The university know about this and are incredibly supportive and are going to help us push for lighting to be across the path. Either way, I count this as a huge win!

The housing guide is now LIVE! I hope you’ve checked it out for yourself, especially if you’re moving into a new house or haven’t found somewhere yet! It’s been quite a task but I’m happy with how it’s turned out! I’ll put a link for it here.

I’ve been looking into Lecture capture and talking to Leadership team about this. It was confirmed in a meeting on Monday that the University are happy to roll out Lecture capture whilst offering an equivalent academic standard for all courses. I stressed the importance of powerpoints including detailed notes and references for students to have access to if lecture capture is not available. This was agreed

We ran another day for the tote bags, the idea was that people could donate a sanitary product or a money donation to decorate their own tote bag and the money raised will go towards us buying products for this scheme for the kent campuses. We raised around £23 to go towards the scheme. Thanks everyone who took time out of their day to take part. We hope you enjoy your tote bags!

LGBTQ+ History Month is nearly over and I am so pleased with how it’s gone. The month has been filled with love and solidarity with LGBTQ+ people on our campuses and that’s what it was all about. I won’t go into to much detail but keep your eyes peeled for a blog post at the end of the month talking about this in more detail!


Keep Winning!

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