LGBTQ+ History Month

Hey everyone! It’s LGBTQ+ History month! We’re so excited to be putting on various events throughout the month. Keep your eyes peeled for the Pink posters on your campus which give you more details about upcoming events.


This year the theme nationally is around Peace. Reconciliation and Activism. It’s important that we remember our pasts, celebrate the present and work to create our future. As a Union we support our LGBTQ+ Students’ and will continue to build and strive for stronger communities on our campuses.


The Union has worked hard to make this month happen and we hope you enjoy it as much as we’ve enjoyed planning it. Some of the events you will find are Love letters to the LGBTQ+ on Valentines Day (14th Feb) where we want you to write open letters about why you love the LGBTQ+ on your campus, You’ll have the chance to make your own pronoun badges and learn a little bit more about people's pronouns on your campus! As voted on by our LGBTQ+ Students we will be screening some iconic gay films, including RENT! All events are open to all students and we hope you utilise the month to learn, grow and support your Queer friends.


Have a great month, Celebrate with the LGBTQ+, Educate our campuses and show solidarity and protest the unjust for the LGBTQ+!

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