It’s time for another #WednesdayWins

I’ve had some much needed time off over the last couple of weeks, but the job of a Sabbatical Officer never stops!

I think firstly a huge congratulations is in order for all of our newly elected campus executives! Campus Execs are so important to the life of the Union, their training is vital and we are excited to be delivering training to the execs in the coming weeks with themes around LGBTQ+ being included too!

I also want to take a moment to thank everyone who voted for me for NUS delegate in the recent By-Election! I’m super amazed that so many of you voted for me to become a Delegate and represent you at Conference! I can’t wait for this experience and I will do everything I can to make sure I represent the student body’s views the best I can.

We have decided to make these posts monthly rather than Bi-Weekly, and stagger them through the month so you don’t have too many to read in one week! We hope you enjoy these updates! There will also be a hard copy available in the offices if needed for students without Facebook!

All LGBTQ+ training session have now been delivered and received well by the staff that attended. Myself and the Activities coordinator are looking into ways we can get Clubs and Socs leaders trained for the upcoming year and I have been approached about another session that will have around 50 staff members! I’m very excited to be rolling out such vigorous training to better equip staff in dealing with LGBTQ+ issues.

I met with staff to discuss Fair Assessment, they found our presentation to be shocking however at some points we raised the staff seemed to already have an understanding of where we were coming from. This meeting was based on research we had gathered last year to do with hidden course costs and assessment around material biased. The university understands our stance on this issue but doesn’t think the evidence was built for an academic audience. We are working with them to gather and source data in which they find valuable and would fit academic audiences.

If you’re a Kent student you might of seen some tote bags being made at freshers’ Fairs! We decided to raise money for a trial scheme we are trying to run in Kent to offer free sanitary products to students! We will be repeating the session through LGBTQ+ history month! But more on this later!

Last term, we finally got to meet Medway Council! They spoke to us about their plans in Medway and we shared our concerns of safety and they’re looking into funding some lighting across Jackson fields which is amazing! I’ll keep you posted on this - we also have spoken to the university about our concerns with safety and they are also awaiting the councils response.

The housing guide is nearly done! It’s just being tweaked and arranged and then it’s ready to go to students and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have taken a lead on a huge project! The guide was also made entirely by one of our students! This is a huge win!

I have approached NUS about lecture capture and I am awaiting responses for research and data that could be helpful to take to the university. I am also approaching the university to question what the issues were with this and why we don’t have it already! I’ll report back when I have more on this!

We found out recently that Rochester is going to have its own Pride! We’re all super excited in the Union and we want to get involved but we also want you to get involved! In this link, You’ll see that Rochester Pride isn’t getting funding but they are still pressing forward to try and make it happen despite this. We are thrilled to see a community coming together to try and make something fabulous happen, We are going to hopefully meet with them to discuss how we can get involved and help. More information when i get it, but for now get excited about Rochester Pride!

Last but not least! February is LGBTQ+ History Month, I’ve been working really hard with staff to plan and organise this across 4 campuses. A lot of the events are happening on each campus, we have things like Movienoons, Pronoun Badge Making, Valentine’s Day we want people to write letters to LGBTQ+ people on their campuses, we are doing things around Trans Awareness, if you’re in Kent you’ll see the sanitary product campaign pop up again too! There is lots of exciting things happening! So keep your eyes peeled and see what’s happening on your campus and on others!


Keep Winning!

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