Statement in Solidarity with Yeon Jeong Lee

We are saddened by the news that one of our students, Yeon Jeong Lee, was the victim of a violent hate crime in London earlier this week. We have been in contact with Yeon in the last few days and are doing all that we can to support them going forward. Yeon has created a petition calling for greater awareness of hate crime and a more understanding response from police when dealing with such incidents. The petition is already nearing 12,000 signatures and we urge you all to sign it now to show your support for this vital cause.

The rise of racist and oppressive hate incidents in recent years is an outrage, and student activism – from the NUS Women Officer, Hareem Ghani’s Gendered Islamophobia tour to the Students Not Suspects campaign to our own student BAME groups – has been crucial in combatting it in British society. We stand in solidarity with all students and people who are subjected to violent oppression.

Our VP Surrey, Simone Ziel, is running a campaign on hate crime incidents and working closely with our student Liberation Leaders to take action on our campuses. For more information about this or to get involved, please contact Simone on

Students’ trust in us is the bedrock of our existence as a Students’ Union. This means that if you are a UCA student and you ever need support or advice with any difficulty you face while studying, we are here to help. If you need to report an incident or access support with an ongoing issue, you can share this with us through our new Online Reporting Form.

You can also report hate crime to the police. If you live in London, you can easily submit a report to the police on the Metropolitan Police website.

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