Hey all, how’s it going? It’s getting colder and gloomier, Halloween is over and we’re entering a weird period (<3 I LOVE TO BRING PERIODS INTO THIS #PlasticFree), but don’t worry because CHRISTMAS is underway and I couldn’t be more excited about it!!! #YAY

Because some of us are not feeling 100%, as probably a result of a vitamin D deficiency I decided to start a section on my facebook profile, where I post one useless fact a day, or as long as I remember. It seems to be quite a popular feature that brings smiles to people’s faces and that’s what I’m all about- the small things that all together create one big ball of happiness! #YAY

So in my last FriYAY post I had mentioned that I was going to the ENVIRONMENTAL Festival organised by WEN  in London City Hall (super excited, because I’ve never been there before!). The event brought loads of people together (not only women!) to talk about periods, their effect on the environment, about menstrual product alternatives and period poverty. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so right in a massive room filled with people I’ve never met before. It’s literally two of my favourite things together- breaking period stigma + environment and sustainability. On the evening they organised a speaker panel with owners and founders of different menstrual product companies- menstrual cups, menstrual underwear, reusable pads, sustainable and organic disposable pads and tampons- as well as Thames water, City to Sea and Bloody Good Period Charity.
It was really interesting to hear about those people’s stories for reasoning behind starting their companies and origins of how small businesses work and can become really successful when being driven by passion and love for our planet. I strongly advise getting into it, if it’s a topic you enjoy, they do loads of free events accessible to everyone. When I find out about more, I’ll let ya’ll know. They’re usually organised in London, which is quite convenient for each campus- we’ll meet halfway! :) #YAY

NUS has started supporting a new campaign which originated from NUS Northern Ireland, it’s called #TrustUs. It’s a campaign that supports free, safe, legal and local abortions in NI. The NUS is calling on the Westminster parliament to decriminalize abortions- not to hold another referendum, but to reform the 1967 Abortion Act by the ordinary legislative process. The Abortion Act is really strict and doesn’t allow legal abortions to victims of sexual crimes or in cases of fatal foetal abnormalities. Having an illegal abortion is a criminal offence and can result in life imprisonment. We need to be aware and keep our eyes open about these issues, we need to be ready to support our colleagues from Northern Ireland and stand up for equal human rights!

Have a good weekend everyone! If you want to discuss anything further, please get in touch! Catch up with you in two weeks with my next blog post

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