So this year we’re launching the Bi-Weekly Wednesday wins! We think it is your right to know about what we’re doing with our time, So thanks for choosing to read my Wednesday Wins.


It’s been a hectic time here in the Students’ Union! Freshers! You were amazing! I don’t know about you but I’m incredibly proud to be part of a Union that is launching its new Open Program! If you haven’t heard about Open, Open is a new way to get you trying new and fun clubs , societies and any general activities for a reduced price and sometimes even FREE! either way I’d urge you all to look at what's going on, on your campuses every month to see if there is anything you want to do! These aren’t your standard night out events, they’re ran during the day as we know students are very busy, but these events are about making mates, learning cool new stuff and feeling fabulous! So have a look at what's going on, I’ll put a link here


So without any further babbling, what have I been up to with my time so far?


Since the beginning of my second term, I have been mainly focusing of CEO recruitment - this is such a big task and  and has been taking up a lot of my time, But even still the applicants and interviews have been strong and I’m so excited about the next round of interviews that will be held. Getting a great CEO is one of the most important roles in a Union, especially one of our size. The team work incredibly hard to bring you the services we have available and a CEO should be able to support and manage while driving the union to excellence. More on this in the future!  #Winning


I have worked with Our Head of Membership to develop LGBTQ+ training based of the previous Vice-President Surrey, Phills Training. We wanted the training to be more interactive and offer discussions around gender and sexuality. The training is to be taken up by staff and after meeting with a few staff members from the University I am happy to announce that our training “Queer to learn” will be delivered by myself at a course leader away day, we are working on getting into school meetings and we’ve even been offered a section on myUCA to offer the training for staff who are unable to attend in person. The session will also be happening in Kent and Surrey as a drop in, in November! This is huge win and I’m so happy that the university have been so open to these discussions and to promote our training internally. #Winning


My next win is Lecture Capture, during Freshers I ran a campaign on the Kent campuses to see what format you’d like lectures to be captured in. The options were between Video (which would include audio) or just Audio.Overwhelmingly, the vote was to have lectured captured by Video! In total 187 people from both campuses turned out to vote. This is around 7% of the campuses! Which is an incredible win! I’m now taking this information to the University for them to understand the need for Lecture capture! #Winning


These are some of my campaign wins at the moment. But what about Liberation groups? This year I oversee the Disabled students Liberation group and the LGBTQ+ Liberation group. I’m happy to announce that this year we already have more elected leaders across all of our campuses! Well done to you all! So far we have




Disabled students - Open



LGBTQ+ - Open

Disabled students - ELECTED




Disabled students - Open



LGBTQ+ - Open

Disabled students - ELECTED


As you can see we have an elected leader on each campus and this is only half the Liberation groups! If you want to get involved with Liberation groups and campaign then get in touch and I can put you in touch with the right people or if you are interested in The BAME Liberation groups or the Women students Liberation you should get in touch with Simone, our Vice-President Surrey:


Liberation is one of the most important things we can do in society. And to prove this I want to show you some things that have been happening nationally to Liberate people. I’ll start with The Gender Recognition Act 2004.


Another thing I think we should get students behind is the Gender Recognition Act. The Act governs how trans people have their Identity legally changed. This Act is seriously outdated needs to be reformed. At the moment trans people have to go through a lot of intrusive medical assessments and demeaning interviews in order to ‘prove’ their gender identity. The Act requires trans people to be formally diagnosed with ‘gender dysphoria’ to live as their ‘acquired gender’ for a couple of years and then to show evidence supporting all of this  to a panel of clinicians who have never even had a conversation with the applicant. This panel then decided to approve or deny the application. This process can take years and this put strain on the NHS but more importantly means that trans people cannot decide their own personal identity.


These are less than ideal and the Gender Recognition Act should support Non-Binary Identities, require no medical diagnosis or evidence to be gathered before allowing trans people their identity and should give all trans people (including 16-17 year olds) the right to self identify in a simpler process


Right now the Government has launched a public consultation to reform the Gender Recognition Act, The consultation process is so important to communities the new laws will affect and it's our way to have a say. It’s the time to show our Allyship to our Trans family and friends get them their rights. The Campaign is gaining support up and down the country including Organisations like Stonewall and NUS. These organisations are highlighting the fact that other organisations will actively be working to make sure the reform of the Act opposed by spreading misinformation and myths.  When all the information is gathered, the government will normally issue a response and plan their next step from there.


If you’d like to get involved with this, I will include a link here on where you can fill out the consultation!


I know these may not be wins but they could certainly be. As students we have an incredible voice and one that we should always push in Activism. I hope my brief explanations have been informative and I hope you choose to get involved, because together change is inevitable!


But for now, Keep winning!  

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