Well that was a quick two weeks! Where’s it gone!


The last Two weeks have been wild for me. As some of you may know - Last year I was made the lead officer for the recruitment of the new CEO. The process was extremely competitive; you may already know this but we got a high number and pedigree of applications in in the first place, and the quality of interview performance was really top notch. This is a strong testament of how the Union has grown over the past few years; I feel like we're really 'on the map' and are an attractive prospect to candidates.


The Panel arrived at a decision, and I'm very pleased to let you know that the candidate has accepted our offer to become the permanent Chief Executive of UCASU. Their performance at interview was extremely impressive, and left us all feeling very excited and inspired about the future of the Union.


I can’t stress how much of a big just this was but I’m so happy with the process and despite the process being long and tiring, I’m excited about the appointment. We are hoping to announce this soon.


LGBTQ+ Training has been expanded to the Registries who are keen to take part in these workshops and we are figuring out dates going forward. This means that The departments getting this training are:

  • Course Leaders
  • Heads of Schools
  • Registries
  • And any staff that want to come to the drop in sessions


I’m currently writing a report to take to the University around Lecture Capture, I want to provide this and understand UCA’s idea on the project and what they might need to see to implement this scheme across all courses and campuses.


We also held a Successful AGM on the 26th September 2018 13:00-14:00. The AGM is super important legality, It’s where you get the opportunity to have a look into how the Union is run and where the Union has expenditure and be part of those crucial decisions.


If you want to find out more about this, Click here.


If you read my last update the Gender Recognition Act reform ends this Friday! If you want to catch up on my other report where I talk about the important of the GRA consultation, follow this Link.

Right now the Government has launched a public consultation to reform the Gender Recognition Act, The consultation process is so important to communities the new laws will affect and it's our way to have a say. It’s the time to show our Allyship to our Trans family and friends get them their rights. The Campaign is gaining support up and down the country including Organisations like Stonewall and NUS. These organisations are highlighting the fact that other organisations will actively be working to make sure the reform of the Act opposed by spreading misinformation and myths.  When all the information is gathered, the government will normally issue a response and plan their next step from there.


If you’d like to get involved with this, I will include a link here on where you can fill out the consultation!

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