The Meaning of Black History Month

This October at UCA Students’ Union, we are celebrating Black History Month. Every year, millions of people across the UK come together to uplift black history – to remember the incredible achievements and cultural impact that black people have had in the UK and worldwide.

Black History Month has been celebrated in different ways by different people and organisations. Some define ‘black’ in terms of political blackness, celebrating African, Caribbean, Asian, Latinx, Middle Eastern and Indigenous history. Many go by the traditional definition, celebrating black people and black history, highlighting cultures that have been ignored or degraded in Britain for much of its past. For UCASU’s Black History Month celebrations, we are standing with the original definition of black – specifically referring to people of the African diaspora and their history.

In 2018/19 UCASU will be participating in more cultural events such as Asian Heritage Month, so we can have an even more exciting and authentic celebration of different cultures that isn’t limited to one month of the year.

This Black History Month, we have organised a range of fun and informative events across our four campuses that all students can partake in. The aim of these events is to celebrate black students and staff at UCA, whilst discussing important topics happening within the black community. We are excited to launch this and we hope to see you throughout October.

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