How I’m finding Veganism!

Oh Yes! Hunnies! That's Shallot! ALL 100 days! I know, Terrible fun  but I'm "veggy" excited to tell you how my veganism went! Let's be honest is there anyway better for me to do this without some witty Memes and Puns..? Absolutely not.


Part of my Green impact Campaign this year was to reduce my footprint by eating vegan for 100 days! The vegan Diet only uses 1/8 of a football field to feed 1 person for the year. compared to a "normal" diet which takes 8 football fields of food and animals plus their food to feed 1 person for the year. By doing this I have successfully reduced my impact on the planet!

So when I started my Veganism - It's fair to say, I was pretty vocal about it.

It was a bit of a culture shock, but after a week or so.. It felt amazing!

And despite overly concerned family members.. I'm still alive!

Suddenly everyone you know is like...

I'm quite lucky, As someone who has worked in kitchens.. My meals never quite ended up like this...

Did someone really eat that? *Calls Security*

Anyway... Being vegan made me so aware of what I was eating and all the bad ingredients in food. Supermarkets had me like..

But I got there, I had my favourite few items that I knew had my back when it comes to veganism.

Which brings me to another dangerous realm for Vegans... Restaurants!..

I always felt self conscious about telling people I was vegan so I'd try and figure it out for myself

Yeah, I got quite a few headaches about veganism whilst out and about town.. and sometimes waiters didn't even get it!

BUT! there is always an option!

Chips. What a Life saver!

Don't even get me started on ordering coffee!

Christmas was fun too..

A mound of vegetables was the highlight of my day to be fair, but having to explain veganism AGAIN.. was not!

People don't understand they eat vegan a lot.. they just don't think about it.

Luckily enough being trained as a chef meant that my Christmas certainly wasn't grey.

My parents still tried to Serve me some turkey though..

and luckily in a busy city there is normally a phenomenal restaurant for vegans!

Until your friends find out it only sells vegan food..

but once you're in.. it can be worrying!

So sometimes it's easier to cook for friends!...until..

Especially when you get tired of their jokes.

Just kidding, but seriously.. stop!

So in a brief story that has been my trip through veganism. I've loved it and I think it's something we should all try, I worked hard to make sure everything I used was in recyclable paper or tins, but i really just tried to use fresh ingredients - so  my wallet has been a little thirsty but it's been great!

Now, the moment you've all been waiting for.. am I continuing with Veganism?..


I mean, kind of - I think it's been great and has really helped me understand what I'm putting in my body and I think I'll always be aware of that. There is a lot of power in taking away your ability to have something and I don't do well with that! Am I vegan? No, but that doesn't mean I won't eat a majority of vegan food and options where I can! I have lots of experience and recipes order my belt now.. Including a vegetable Katsu curry which is pretty special! Thanks everyone who took part and I hope you had as much fun as I did - Keep it green guys!


#100DaysOfVeganism #GreenImpact





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