An open letter in solidarity with Lily Madigan

An open letter in solidarity with Lily Madigan

Since her election as Labour’s Rochester and Strood Women’s Officer on November 16th, one of our Rochester students, Lily Madigan, has been subjected to extremely negative press from several large news publications and public figures. She has been deliberately misgendered and criticised because she is a trans woman and trans rights activist. We want to reach out to Lily and say that we stand in solidarity with you and offer our full support of your hard work fighting for trans rights and women’s rights. As UCA Rochester’s Women’s Officer, LGBTQ+ Officer, and Campus Executive Officer, you should be commended for your work for UCA students and your local community.

As a students’ union, we condemn any person or organisation that would misgender a young trans person or choose to give a platform to transphobic views.

Solidarity and congratulations to Lily Madigan on her historic election as the first trans woman to hold the Rochester and Strood Women’s Officer position.

Tomm Morton - President
Phill Dowler - Vice-President Surrey
Riley Clowes - Vice-President Kent
& Everybody at UCA Students' Union

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