12 Things You Need To Know About Being a Student In Farnham

By Tomm Morton, UCASU President

Oh, hey there. Before you arrive at UCA Farnham, there's a few things you should know to get the best out of your time in this odd but totally unique town. Here's my top tips list after living here for 3 years.

1. Check out our buskers
Most towns have a busker or two and Farnham is no different, except we have violinists and harpists for buskers. Not to mention the guitarist on the corner of Waitrose who's played Stings' "Englishman in New York" more times than i would care to remember. Just put some change in his pot and dance wildly no matter what he plays, it'll make his day and yours!


2. Oh, you mean Fareham?
"Where is Farnham?" people will say. Just tell them it's near Guildford/Aldershot and they'll agree and nod politely but secretly still think you're making it up. If you fancy a challenge try explaining there's 3 other campuses too, Epsom, Rochester and Canterbury....oh their faces'll be great!


3. The Kebab Van's your man!
Can't be bothered to cook and getting hungry for...well, whatever? Then say hello to your local kebab van just outside campus, he's magically there when you need him no matter the time...Well between 5pm and midnight anyway.


4. Pub Overload!
How many Pubs and Bars does Farnham have? 52. No that wasn't a mistake on my part, you could literally drink at one pub a week for a year and never go to the same place twice. But our favorite (Besides ours ofc) is the Cobbett. With pool, a beer garden, tons of antiques, and old coins IN the floor! it's a must see.


5. Farnham Castle
No town is complete without a castle, and Google says Farnham is a town. Unfortunately it's not bouncy, but the view from castle hill is quite something. Then on the way back down the hill there's ANOTHER pub! They really are everywhere.


There, that got your attention. If you get sick of the kebab van head on down to the Slug and Lettuce on Mondays for half-price deals on ALL their food. The worries of deadlines can't reach you when you're in a food coma.


7. Retail therapy.
If Farnham's extensive range of charity shop deals isn't your thing then Guildford and Camberley have you covered, just a train change at Aldershot or Woking.


8. How about them trains!?
Sometimes it can feel like we're cut off from the world down here but with a 50 minute train every half hour to Clapham Junction and London Waterloo the possibilities are endless, especially with a 16-25 rail card .


9. What's on nearby?
Looking for something else? Check out the Maltings (Next to the Cobbett), they regularly put on film screenings of some of the latest movies and live performances, they also host our Drama and Performance students.


10. Never a dull moment
We're really proud of this one.
We had 30 Clubs and Societies in Farnham last year, with space for whatever new clubs you'd like to create, ensuring that there will always be something for you to take part in on or off campus. I want to start a Zombie Nerf survival society, sounds pretty fun to me.


11. Get savvy
Waitrose is the closest supermarket to campus, so chances are you'll go there regularly.Farnham has a Sainsbury's and Lidl too but they get further and further away from campus, respectively. So my advice is to get a MyWaitrose card; It'll give you 20% off your ten favorite items, Every little helps....wait no that's Tesco!


12. Get even more savvy: Discounts Galore.
Any of that sounds too expensive? Don't stress cos' your Students' Union has you covered. With an NUS Extra card you get 3 WHOLE YEARS of discounts on loads of things like train travel, half-price Spotify, New Look, and (as fun as it sounds) Insurance for all your shiny things.


I hope these tips help you have an amazing and memorable university experience here at UCA Farnham, and The Students' Union will always be here if you have questions or need advice, Oh boy this is gonna be a good year!

I've gone Gif crazy.


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