Inclusivity – Is it for everyone?

University and Union staff from all 4 campuses and departments attended the Inclusivity Conference last week in Epsom. Created BY staff FOR staff, conversations and workshops revolved around topics including the evolution of language used in Higher Education, inclusive practices in the studio and technical support, internationalisation of the curriculum and considering the experience of BME and international students.
Becky Dann, our campus president for Farnham did a speech as part of the introduction giving her experience of the importance of engaging with studying at UCA equally, regardless of her disability. She touched on how invisible disabilities need to be highlighted and suitably supported, and that losing the stigma around disabilities is the foundation for all students to be able to succeed. Watch her speech below.

Inclusivity in the curriculum and celebrating our students’ diversity is something the Union continues to advocate for, and if you have any comments about this then please do get in touch.

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