We’ve been supplied with a 2x1m PVC banner from the guys at Marler Haley to help promote UCA Students' Union! This banner will help increase familiarity with our name, brand, and communication channels around campus.

Outdoor banners like the one we’ve been given, can be used to add branding to certain locations and to let people know that you’re there. It’s especially great to make freshers and newbies feel welcome if they’re unsure where they’re meant to be to take part in your club or activity. It then makes what could be a fairly awkward feeling of “Am I in the right place?” fade away as you can hardly miss a two metre wide sign if put in the right place.

They’re also waterproof – which is really good as it means they can be kept outside in all weather conditions without risking the inks running or the fabric peeling or dissolving.

Make your own banner

For affiliated UCA clubs and societies, Marler Haley are offering a special 10% discount when you quote UNI10 for your own 2x1m banner. This offer can be used online if you’re using their free online design tool or on phone/email orders.

By using the free online design tool, you can choose the sort of design you’d like to create and upload your own images as well as add your own text. It’s really simple to use.

When designing your banner, the trick is to include as little information as possible. This may sound counterintuitive, but think of it more as a sign. You’re looking to show people where you are. So keep your images sharp and bold with bright colours and a high contrast for text so it can be read from a distance. Maybe something as simple as “UCA Football Club meets here”, with a picture of your team would look great.

Remember, the main aim of your banner should always be to get attention – it’s then your job to provide information.

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