On Friday afternoon I was called by Elliott - the Coordinator of London Nightline. (Nightline is a confidential listening service BY students FOR students. Open each evening during term it means that there is always someone to listen to you - whether you can't sleep, had a stressful day or need to vent. Check out their website; )

Anyway, so this phone call... he asked me if I'd be interviewed by Humans of London (who profile people from the capital, giving a humanistic insight into the city) as part of Nightline Awareness week. Well, of course I said YES!

On Monday I went along to Kings College for my close up. They profiled a student volunteer, a student who has used Nightline and ME - a staff member who, as part of my job at the SU, refers students to Nightline.  Here it is... (comments about the outrageous pink jeans are welcomed!!)

"I'm really, really lucky in that I've always had a good support network of friends and family around me, and at Chester...

Posted by Humans of London on Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Nightline really is a great service, and is used by our students. So spread the word: whether the SU, someone from the Uni or Nightline, there is always someone to listen.

Advice & Representation Coordinator

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