Course Reps are GO!


At last count we have over 315 course reps across all of the campuses and courses. What a team!

But who are they and what are they for?

Your fellow students have volunteered their time to make sure your voice is heard in meetings with academics. Working alongside your tutors and Course Leaders, they represent you and can pass on any feedback you have. If you have any ideas, worries, questions you want discussed, then you're Course Reps are there to help, so make sure you know who yours is!


Go to the Union's website to find out who represents your class.


For all you Course Reps who haven't attended the training with me yet this year, here's where i'll be this week. 4-6pm. there'll be biscuits and paper airplanes.

Tuesday - Canterbury - Cragg Seminar Room

Wednesday - Epsom - Auditorium

Thursday - Rochester - Xchange

Friday - Farnham - WO2


Want to get involved too? Keep up to date on our all student FORUMS! Open to all to talk about campus or academic issues or ideas. Held every 6 weeks, dates for the next meetings will be posted on the Facebook pages or posters around campus. We had pizza last time :)

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