Elections are Coming!

Over the next three weeks, elections is going to be hiding around every corner, waiting to spring out on you and demand your attention.giphy (1)

But what are these elections about?
Why should you get involved?
What position is right for me?

To answer all of your questions, we’re going to be writing regular blogs during the elections period. Starting with...

The Elections

The Students’ Union is run by students for students. Students run as candidates for key union positions and students vote for the candidates they think will do the best job. The elections are the biggest single event in the Union calendar. They’re important because whoever wins the elections, will take the union forward.

A great Campus Officer, for example, may mean more positive changes for students on your campus, better activities on campus and more impact locally and nationally in the things that matter to students.

So these positions - which one is best for you? We’ve put together a little quiz to help you decide…
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Now you’ve done the quiz, find out more about the positions below or click here to find out more about the elections.

Campus Officer

On each campus, we have a Campus Officer, taking the union forward. They take the views of students at their campus to the university and make sure that changes are made to improve the experience of students. They run events, welfare campaigns and work with other organisations to make sure their students’ voices are heard locally and nationally.

Student Trustee

Sitting at the top of the SU is the Trustee Board. This board decides the strategy of the union; they decide how the union is run; and they manage the risks the union face. Five of the members of this board are students and their presence on the board makes sure that at all times students are inputting their experiences and values into the major decisions of the union.

Student Governor

Similarly, at the top of the university is the Board of Governors. This board has two student governors, who also input into the university’s decisions. This position is within the university and the Clerk of the Board would be the governor's primary support. However, the election is run by the students' union.

NUS Delegate

Finally, there is a position for those interested in national issues. The National Union of Students is made up of most of the students’ unions in the country and it makes decisions on a national level about how to improve the student experience. They fight for equality, reduced tuition fees and a stronger student voice in political decisions.

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