1. Get paid a decent graduate salary

If you’re considering the Campus Officer position, then you’d be getting a salary of at least £16,900 – not bad as a starting salary for a graduate.

2. Improve your CV / portfolio

As a Campus Officer, you would be one of the leaders of an organisation – a position most graduates need years to get to.
In all of the positions, you’re going to be making important decisions at a high level and this stands out to employers – not many people can say they contributed to the strategic decisions of an organisation.giphy12

3. Develop loads of skills

These positions will expose you to new challenges, where you’ll develop your interpersonal skills, your decision-making, your planning and organisation skills and you’ll get an insight into how organisations are run and how to hold your own at the highest level.

4. Network with people in various creative fields and professions

All of these positions involve working alongside a range of professionals, from those in creative industry to academics to support staff or student leaders, both within the university and externally, even nationally. All of these are perfect opportunities for networking for your next career step, whatever that might be.

5. Make massive positive changes at your university.

In these positions you will be part of making sure the university continues to improve and strengthens its position as one of the very best arts universities. This will improve the experiences of your course mates but will also make all UCA degrees increasingly prestigious as UCA’s reputation continues to grow.

6. Be part of a rejuvenated and progressing union.

The union has gone through so many changes in the last twelve months. We’re moving forward on all fronts from course reps to clubs and societies. There will be ample opportunity to make your own mark at this exciting and defining time.

7. Be part of a huge movement

The union is part of a nationwide student movement that has a strong influence on all higher education changes nationally. You could be setting yourself up for a future career in the movement, whether as a leader or within the numerous support and coordinator roles. Students’ unions are like a bug – it infects you in the best and most unexpected way and it can be a difficult movement to say goodbye to.

8. Quick & Easy

It only takes 60 seconds to fill in the nomination form.
You need the support of two other students so ask a couple of friends, get their student numbers and you’ll be ready to go. Simple.

9. You can change your mind later

So you’re not 100% sure? It doesn’t matter. Submit the nomination and you can change your mind later. But save yourself any regrets because after nominations close, you can’t submit.

What now?

So nominate yourself now at

For a step by step guide to nominating yourself, click How To Nominate Yourself


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