Written here by an anonymous volunteer, see what support is out there when you think everyone has already gone to bed…

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  • Phone: londonnightline
  • Chat: chat.nightline"


What is Nightline?
“Nightline is a confidential listening and practical information service run by students, for students. We're here to listen not lecture and we're open every night of term, available by phone, text, email or skype chat. All our volunteers are current students at universities in London.”

Well, those are the official party lines.

Nightline really can listen to you talk about anything, from start to finish, no interruptions. We'll try and help you explore your options and hopefully by the end of your call you'll feel like someone cares - because we do! We're not counsellors- we're just here to support you through what may be one of the toughest points of your life.

We're entirely confidential, nobody will ever know you've called us.

There really is nothing too big or too small to call us about. We take calls about suicide, friendship issues, give out numbers for pizza places, help you locate information about medical services- we really can do it all. We're even asked if we can help callers to fall asleep. The only thing we don't do is give advice, because we don't know the whole situation and what would work best for you. But we can refer you to services that do.

We're basically a much cooler version of the yellow pages, plus a listening ear, all rolled into one.

We exist on facebook  , twitter  and instagram  primarily to promote Nightline to students or catch our wonderful mascot Neville the bear, who may find his way to your campus giving free hugs.

Our information campaigns are normally in the form of the #askNL chat on twitter, follow us and add to the campaign 

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