The news of Andrew's death has shaken us all - his many friends in first year Animation, the library staff (he was a very regular visitor) and the whole course team.

Animation is a close knit course and his year group in particular is like a family. Andrew was seen as a father figure by many of the first years. His age and experience could have been a barrier but Andrew's humour, generosity of spirit, his genuine interest in his fellow students meant he became central to his year group.

A little example of Andrew's class - at the end of the first term, when the students had just finished their last seminar, Andrew interrupted the tutor and produced a crate of Champagne for the students to share as they reviewed their work.

Andrew was an inspiration to us all. At his stage in life, he was brave enough to take on new challenges, enjoy new experiences - he recently took his first selfie - and along the way became a great role model for all of us.

He will be sadly missed.

The Animation Course team

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