NightlineNightline is a phone/Skype counselling service open from 6pm – 8am every night of the term.

It’s a confidential listening and practical information service that you can call on 020 7631 0101 or free calls on Skype via

Calling a helpline can be a bit scary. The thing to remember is that they are there to help and wont judge you. People are all different and find different things a struggle. Whatever bothers you isn’t silly or stupid. Talking about things can really help.

Nightline is open throughout the night to provide information and support for students. They cover everything from housing to sexual health, and even may be able to help find the nearest kebab shop!


– Call us to discuss anything. Big or small, or just a chat. We won’t tell you how to live your life: we’ll simply listen to whatever’s on your mind.

– The lines are run by students who have undergone extensive training and understand that university life isn’t always plain sailing.

– The service is strictly confidential. We won’t ask invasive questions or pass judgment.


Calling Nightline will cost the same as calling any London landline. They can also call you back if you are on a landline, although not on a mobile.

You can call them on 020 7631 0101 at any hour of the night to talk about anything under the sun.

Students are now able to contact Nightline online as well as via email and telephone. Email [email protected].