As elected representatives of each course and year, they pass on student feedback to those who can make changes. From tiny problems to really big issues, if things could be improved, course reps can represent your views to course leaders. This means students don’t just consume their university experience, they help create it.

To do this, they…

  • Attend training
  • Ensure everyone on the course knows who they are and what they do
  • Keep in contact with the course leader
  • Attend three course board meetings per year
  • Offer suggestions for improvement
  • Communicate outcomes back to students


Fashion students studios were shutting at 5pm everyday when students needed them for longer. The course reps put together a petition of all the students’ names that wanted extended hours and took it to their course board.

The course leader then showed it to the relevant staff that organised a new staff timetable that allowed for later opening hours.

Students were unhappy with the feedback they received on their work.

The course reps ran an open discussion on Facebook asking students what they wanted to see changed. The majority of students wanted more information about what aspects of their work was meeting the marking criteria rather than just negative criticism.

The course reps took this information to their course board. As a result the course leader discussed the issue with staff and they agreed to offer positive feedback before outlining areas of improvement.

Some product design students wanted to know more about career options and skills for the work place.

Through taking this to the course leader and course board meeting, the university arranged for a local professional to come in to talk about their experiences.

Students from interior architecture had a project where they had to work in groups but the studio space was better suited to independent learning.

The course reps discussed this at their course board and found that other years agreed it was a problem.

As a group, they looked at the studio space and rearranged to encourage greater group work.

The graduation ceremony for fashion textiles students fell on the same day as New Designers event – which many decided to attend instead.

Course reps helped arrange an on-campus photo one campus in robes for another day and now the university has checked that graduation doesn’t clash with any key events for the future.

Graphic design students were told their end of year show would no longer be held in London due to budget constraints.

When the course reps went to their course leader it became clear the decision had not been his. So the course reps went to school board, where they could raise their concerns with the head of school and other course leaders.

The course reps took lots of alternatives and evidence as to why a London show was important and they were successful.


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Acting & PerformanceFarnham1Ellie Crouch
Acting & PerformanceFarnham1Jamahyl Chan-Ellis
Acting & PerformanceFarnham1Debbie Smith
Acting & PerformanceFarnham1Isham Launay-Nyemba
AdvertisingFarnham1Patrick O'shaughnessy
AdvertisingFarnham2Archie Challen
AdvertisingFarnham2Lauren Bodiam
AdvertisingFarnham3Liam Aldridge
AdvertisingFarnham3Marusa Ojstersek
AnimationFarnham0Christina Lifford
AnimationFarnham0Jack Butterworth
AnimationFarnham1Dom Toma
AnimationFarnham1Emma Barratt
AnimationFarnham2Grace Evetts
AnimationFarnham2Harriet Croucher
AnimationFarnham3Oliver Pendle
AnimationFarnham3Tom Willis
ArchitectureCanterbury1Laurisa Zuba
ArchitectureCanterbury1Yazmine Hayrer
ArchitectureCanterbury2Connie Latham
ArchitectureCanterbury2Paul Johnson
ArchitectureCanterbury3Faezeh Fathi
ArchitectureCanterbury3Nathan Back-Chamnes
Architecture MACanterbury1Daniel Stilwell
Architecture MACanterbury1Sophie Lamarque
Architecture MACanterbury2Sam Chen
Architecture MACanterbury2Sandy Stuchfield
Computer Animation ArtsRochester1Becky Ryan
Computer Animation ArtsRochester1Philippa Harris
Computer Animation ArtsRochester2Catriona Barber
Computer Animation ArtsRochester2Charlie Serafini
Computer Animation ArtsRochester3Ruby Newland
Computer Animation ArtsRochester3Scott Turner
Computer Game ArtsFarnham1Joe Merricks
Computer Game ArtsFarnham1Mathias (Katie-Leigh) Homes;
Computer Game ArtsFarnham1Paris James
Computer Game ArtsFarnham2Adon Gibio
Computer Game ArtsFarnham2Matthew Tye
Computer Game ArtsFarnham2Prem Fatek
Computer Game ArtsFarnham3Chris Parker
Computer Game ArtsFarnham3Verity Brown
Creative Arts for Theatre & FilmRochester1Jess Solway
Creative Arts for Theatre & FilmRochester2Alex Oliver
Creative Arts for Theatre & FilmRochester2Lily Greenhalgh
Creative Arts for Theatre & FilmRochester3Jasmine Haskell
Creative Arts for Theatre & FilmRochester3Zach Gray
Design Innovation & Brand Management MA
EpsomMAMalcishia Outerbridge
Design Innovation & Brand Management MA
EpsomMAWichayabhorn Suwansumrit (Jaa)
Digital Communication Design
Epsom2Jack Bunney
Digital Film and Screen ArtsFarnham1Colin (Tsz) Chan
Digital Film and Screen ArtsFarnham1Katherine Whetton
Digital Film and Screen ArtsFarnham2Jorn (George) Lovstrom
Digital Film and Screen ArtsFarnham2Rachel Bramley
Digital Film and Screen ArtsFarnham3Laura Thomas
Digital Film and Screen ArtsFarnham3Lucy Jones
Fashion - Class AmbassadorEpsom0Georgina Ratcliffe
Fashion - Class AmbassadorEpsom0Zara Charles
Fashion - Class AmbassadorEpsom1Harriet Eckersley
Fashion - Class AmbassadorEpsom1Hashley Mayamba
Fashion - Class AmbassadorEpsom1Mickale Dolcy
Fashion - Class AmbassadorEpsom1Yasmina Hajbi
Fashion - Class AmbassadorEpsom2Beth Hall-Arnold
Fashion - Class AmbassadorEpsom2Charlie Simmonds
Fashion - Class AmbassadorEpsom2Laura Rawlins
Fashion - Class AmbassadorEpsom2Snober Khan
Fashion - Class AmbassadorEpsom2Yasmin Fletcher
Fashion - Class AmbassadorEpsom3Bareia Ahmad
Fashion - Class AmbassadorEpsom3James Saunders
Fashion - Class AmbassadorEpsom3Lewis Reynolds
Fashion AtelierRochester1Amy West
Fashion AtelierRochester1Ellie Chegwidden
Fashion AtelierRochester2Matthew-Erik Beale
Fashion AtelierRochester2Stephanie Filer
Fashion AtelierRochester3Elton Levi
Fashion AtelierRochester3Kitty Dunne-Mason
Fashion Buying Retail ManagementRochester1Wai Phyo
Fashion Buying Retail ManagementRochester2Charlotte Webster
Fashion Buying Retail ManagementRochester3Rida Quadri
Fashion DesignRochester0Emily Langran
Fashion DesignEpsom0George Holt
Fashion DesignEpsom0Larissa Hernandez
Fashion DesignRochester0Ryan Barrett
Fashion DesignRochester1Adeola Elugbadebo- Soloman
Fashion DesignEpsom1Donya-Noor Ahmed Abdel Hamid
Fashion DesignRochester1Jeanette Carlton- Crew
Fashion DesignEpsom1Max Holbrough
Fashion DesignEpsom1Omolara Ogunyemi
Fashion DesignRochester2Amiyah Gyemi
Fashion DesignEpsom2Jamie Backshall
Fashion DesignRochester2Keshal Devchand
Fashion DesignEpsom2Poppy Paschali
Fashion DesignEpsom3Cheyenne Barnes
Fashion DesignEpsom3Ellie Theaker
Fashion DesignEpsom3Olivia Johnson
Fashion DesignRochester3Phoebe Button
Fashion DesignRochester3Ryan Harford-Rothwell
Fashion JournalismEpsom1Charlotte Goff  
Fashion JournalismEpsom1Emma Fowler
Fashion JournalismEpsom1Luke Smith
Fashion JournalismEpsom2Heather Ibberson
Fashion JournalismEpsom2Naeemah Miah
Fashion JournalismEpsom3Hayley Harrison
Fashion JournalismEpsom3Libby Skilton
Fashion Management & MarketingEpsom1Charlotte Marsh
Fashion Management & MarketingEpsom1Jamie Windust
Fashion Management & MarketingEpsom2Chantelle U'Dell
Fashion Management & MarketingEpsom2Jess Parry
Fashion Management & MarketingEpsom3Charlotte Ward
Fashion Management & MarketingEpsom3Ursula Vatcher
Fashion Management and Marketing MA Epsom1Ali Yeganeh
Fashion Media & PromotionRochester0Seyon Amosu
Fashion Media & PromotionRochester1Molly Edge
Fashion Media & PromotionRochester1Tyjhan Cabey
Fashion Media & PromotionRochester2Ally Lewis
Fashion Media & PromotionRochester2Camilla Chetty
fashion media & PromotionRochester3Julia Strudwick
Fashion Media & PromotionRochester3Molly Baker
fashion PhotographyRochester1Julia Sorsa
Fashion Promotion and Imaging Epsom1Michelle Connop
Fashion Promotion and Imaging Epsom1Danica Ampomah-Yanney
Fashion Promotion and Imaging Epsom2Kaileigh Borden
Fashion Promotion and Imaging Epsom2Kathryn Younger
Fashion Promotion and Imaging Epsom2Kinga Wazydrag
Fashion Promotion and Imaging Epsom3Becca McNelly-Tilford
Fashion Promotion and Imaging Epsom3Georgie Dawson
Fashion Promotion and Imaging Epsom3Madelaine Knowles
Fashion Promotion and Imaging MA Epsom1Irene Alassio
Fashion Promotion and Imaging MA Epsom1Meng Xu2
Fashion textiles: PrintRochester1Emily Berry 
Fashion textiles: PrintRochester1Micha Griffiths-Todd
Fashion textiles: PrintRochester2Alice Revell 
Fashion textiles: PrintRochester2Thea Wright 
Fashion textiles: PrintRochester3Melissa Rogers 
Fashion textiles: PrintRochester3Rebecca Houlton 
EpsomFETheo Jurianz
FE - 3D
Becky Howson
FE - 3D
Dillon Rees-Mawson
FE - 3D
Jade Groves
FE - Extended Diploma Year 1
FEMatthew Cooper
FE - Extended Diploma Year 1
FEEleanor Luckett
FE - Fashion and Textiles
FENoah Redman Bennett
FE - Fashion and Textiles
FESarahclaire Greshoff
FE - Fine Art
Jeri Kennard
FE - Fine Art
Norie Bernardino
FE - Fine Art
Caitlin Reilly
FE - Fine Art
Andrew Pantling
FE - Fine Art
Dylan Esp
FE - Fine Art
Abbey Holmes
FE - Lens based
Arran Rodgers
FE - Lens based
Henry Macrae
FE - Three Dimensional Design
Marshall Coope
FE - Three Dimensional Design
Fred Hoad
FE - Visual Communication
Abi Brooks
FE - Visual Communication
Abbie Milnes
FE - Visual Communication
Matt Franklin
FE -Moving Image
John Hall
FE -Moving Image
Mandy Burton
FE Fashion & Textiles
EpsomFEFlorence Raynor
FE Fashion & Textiles
EpsomFEFlorence Bretherton
FE Fashion Promotion Communication
EpsomFENavneet Birdi
FE Fashion Promotion Communication
EpsomFEMarta Urbez
FE Fine Art
EpsomFERene Baden-Brown
FE Fine Art
EpsomFEGlen Rawcliffe
FE Graphics
EpsomFEFreya Woodward
FE Graphics
EpsomFEHassan Ismaili
FE Level 3 Diploma
EpsomFELauren Steel
FE Level 3 Diploma
EpsomFEBen Gage
Film ProductionFarnham0Andrew Musa-Lucas
Film ProductionFarnham0Eleanor Lodge
Film ProductionFarnham1Leon Murphy (Kato)
Film ProductionFarnham1Nggabutho Nkomo
Film ProductionFarnham2Gabrielle Salonga
Film ProductionFarnham2Martin Elesheku
Film ProductionFarnham3Will King
FilmProductionFarnham3Dan Millyard
Fine ArtCanterbury1Amy Stevens
Fine ArtCanterbury1Elise Naylor-Cole
Fine ArtCanterbury1Karen Millar
Fine ArtCanterbury1Lauren Durant
Fine ArtCanterbury2D'andra Buchanan
Fine ArtCanterbury2James Dean
Fine ArtCanterbury2Michelle Wenmouth
Fine ArtCanterbury3Alex Smith
Fine ArtCanterbury3Andrea Morgan
Fine ArtCanterbury3Clarissa Beveridge
Fine Art MACanterburyMAMadeline Jones
Fine Art MACanterburyMAPaul Smith
Glass MAFarnhamMADisha Seth
Glass, Ceramics, Jewellery, Metalwork BAFarnham1Claude Sparkes
Glass, Ceramics, Jewellery, Metalwork BAFarnham1Jessica Holmes
Glass, Ceramics, Jewellery, Metalwork BAFarnham2Abigail Pantling
Glass, Ceramics, Jewellery, Metalwork BAFarnham3Ellen Waters
Graphic Design Epsom1Lolly Edwards
Graphic Design Epsom1Genesis Dela Cruz
Graphic Design Epsom2Andre Bernal
Graphic Design Epsom2Mark Ferreira
Graphic Design Epsom2Sadia Choudhury
Graphic Design Epsom3Perry Harding
Graphic Design Epsom3Jamie Bitmead
Graphic Design MAEpsomMALine Stabel Thorstensen
Graphic Design MAEpsomMAMay Katutondua
Graphic Design MAEpsomMAVidhi Suneja
Graphic Design: Visual Communication
3Tina Chandler
Graphic Design: Visual Communication
3Alex Todd
Graphic Design: Visual Communication
2Lynsey Morgan
Graphic Design: Visual Communication
2Nicole McCue
Graphic Design: Visual Communication
2Jasmine Macleod
Graphic Design: Visual Communication
1Bronwen Page
Graphic Design: Visual Communication
1Emmanuel Jinadu
Graphic Design: Visual Communication
1Nina Heywood
Hand Embroidery for Fashion, Interiors & Textile Art
Hampton Court1
Abigail Ellis
Hand Embroidery for Fashion, Interiors & Textile Art
Hampton Court2Alice Quinn
Hand Embroidery for Fashion, Interiors & Textile Art
Hampton Court2Bethany Duffy
Hand Embroidery for Fashion, Interiors & Textile Art
Hampton Court2Elena Thornton
Hand Embroidery for Fashion, Interiors & Textile Art
Hampton Court1Jasmine Dawson
Illustration and Animation
1Molly Jones
Interior Architecture & DesignCanterbury1Wailok Chan
Interior Architecture & DesignCanterbury2Flora Fuentes Paul
Interior Architecture & DesignCanterbury2Louis Mousset
Interior Architecture & Design BA(Hons)Farnham1Max Beeson
Interior Architecture & Design BA(Hons)Farnham1Rosie Sampson
Interior Architecture & Design BA(Hons)Farnham2Carly Garland
Interior Architecture & Design BA(Hons)Farnham2Julie Glass
Interior Architecture & Design BA(Hons)Farnham3Aqsa Rafiq
International Foundation in Art,Design and Media Farnham1Annie Durwood
International Foundation in Art,Design and Media Farnham1Yuka Izuhara
Jewellery MAFarnhamMALeigh Leal
Jewellery MAFarnhamMAMidori Wakabayashi
JournalismFarnham1Jennifer Cole
JournalismFarnham2Azaria Messingham
JournalismFarnham3Chelsea Hobman
Journalism & Creative WritingFarnham1Alex Clifford
Journalism & Creative WritingFarnham3Alex Pritchard
Journalism & Creative Writing Farnham1Alexandra Clifford
Journalism & Creative Writing BA (Hons)Farnham1James Lancaster
MBA Creative Industries ManagementEpsom2Jade Coles
MBA Creative Industries ManagementEpsom2Charles Bradley
Media & Communications BA HonsFarnham1Emma Pullen
Media & Communications BA HonsFarnham1Fleuranelle Duwhaz
Media & Communications BA HonsFarnham1Joshua Ferguson
Media & Communications BA HonsFarnham1Louisa Kelly
Media & Communications BA HonsFarnham2Joseph Stevens
Media & Communications BA HonsFarnham2Kayon Menzie
Media & Communications BA HonsFarnham2Lataisha Fashola (Elo)
Media & Communications BA HonsFarnham2Megan Turner
Music Journalism Epsom1Jordan Emery
Music Journalism Epsom1Lucy Wenham
Music Journalism Epsom1Calum Cashin
Music Journalism Epsom2Jillian Blandenier
Music Journalism Epsom2Shannon Cotton
Music Journalism Epsom2William Baker
Music Journalism Epsom3Connor Willis
Music Journalism Epsom3Emily Schofield
PhotographyFarnham0Ellie Kennett
PhotographyFarnham1Agnieszka Kowalska
PhotographyRochester1Brad Lowe
PhotographyRochester1Luke Buckley
PhotographyFarnham1Rob Campion
PhotographyRochester2Jon Whitmore
PhotographyRochester2Martina Jurczyszyn
PhotographyFarnham2Miriam Winsor
PhotographyRochester2Tommy Dobson
PhotographyFarnham2Grace Slater
PhotographyRochester3Adam Easton
PhotographyRochester3Jessica Griffiths
Photography Farnham3Yasmin Stephens
Abigail Sweet
Photography MARochesterMAPaulina Cid
Photography MARochesterMAOllie Gapper
Photography Farnham3Georgina Cree
Product DesignFarnham1Cameron Suckling
Product DesignFarnham1Flynn Booler
Product DesignFarnham1Kayleigh Read
Product DesignRochester1Thomas Olawuji
Product DesignRochester1Jacob Sedge
Product DesignFarnham2Helen Stanger
Product DesignFarnham2Jeeven Areekal
Product DesignRochester2Kristina Suryani
Product designRochester2Louise Webb
Product DesignFarnham2Paddy Furze
Product DesignRochester3Ben Collins
Product DesignFarnham3Diana Lemon
Product DesignFarnham3Josh Younger
Sports JournalismFarnham1Daniel Mountney
Sports JournalismFarnham2Jack Whiteman
Sports JournalismFarnham3Elliott Heath
Television ProductionRochester1Joshua Jones 
Television ProductionRochester1Imogen Polycarpou
Television ProductionRochester2Patricia Dixon
Television ProductionRochester2Wesley Denne
Television ProductionRochester3Andrei Allen
Television ProductionRochester3Chris Sarmiento-Quevedo 
Textiles for Fashion and InteriorsFarnham1Nipa Begum
Textiles for Fashion and InteriorsFarnham1Soniya Ale
Textiles for Fashion and InteriorsFarnham2India Webber
Textiles for Fashion and InteriorsFarnham2Lucy Dodd
Textiles for Fashion and InteriorsFarnham3Ashleigh Edwin
Textiles for Fashion and InteriorsFarnham3Laura Gibbins
Computer Game ArtsFarnham2Mistura Raji (Mia)
FE - Fine Art
Aimee Smith
Fine Art
Liam Mardle
Graphic communication Farnham2Henrietta Howling
Graphic communication Farnham1Alex Jones
Graphic communication Farnham1Kyle Ayuba
Graphic communication Farnham1Ebany Davis
Graphic communication FarnhamKane Garland
Graphic communication FarnhamPaloma Molina Macias


Fancy this role? Nominate yourself! Elections are every year – talk to your course leader.


  • Be the change that improves student experience for all.
  • Add skills to your portfolio.
  • Achieve a certificate of recognition and attend an award ceremony.
  • Meet new people and make friends.
  • Develop stronger professional relationships with staff and academics.