Each course has course reps to find out, and represent their class’s opinions.  Anyone can nominate themselves as the class’s course representative and an election will be held at the beginning of term.

Fancy it?

Talk to your course leader / tutor or email Emma at the SU for more info! [email protected]


As elected representatives for their course, they pass on student feedback and get extra info about their course at meetings called ‘course boards’. From tiny problems to really big issues, if things could be improved, course reps can represent student views to course leaders: meaning students don’t just consume their university experience, they create it.

Course Reps…

  • Attend training
  • Ensure everyone on the course knows who they are and what they do
  • Keep in contact with the course leader
  • Attend three course board meetings per year
  • Offer suggestions for improvement
  • Communicate outcomes back to students



 Agnes Kowalska Farnham Photography
 Amy West RochesterFashion Atelier
 Annie Roberts1CanterburyIllustration and Animation
 Corina Bryce Arnold Farnham Photography
 Ellie Chegwidden RochesterFashion Atelier
 Farouk WingfieldRochester Fashion Atelier
 Grace Slater Farnham Photography
 Kit Booth1CanterburyIllustration and Animation
 Matthew-Erik Beale3 RochesterFashion Atelier
 Mim Winsor Farnham Photography
 Shannon Goddard Farnham Photography
 Sophie Bringloe 1 RochesterFashion Atelier
 Stephanie Filer RochesterFashion Atelier
 Victoria Brown1CanterburyIllustration and Animation
Abbi Potter1FarnhamGlass, Ceramics, Jewelry & Metalwork
Abhrojit BoraMAEpsomMA Graphic Design
Abigail Frusher2RSNHand Embroidery for Fashion, Interiors and Textile Art
Abigail Pantling 3FarnhamGlass, Ceramics, Jewelry & Metalwork
Adeleke Adewale2FarnhamDigital Film & Screen Arts
Adora Hutchins –Daff 3FarnhamTextiles for Fashion & Exteriors (Print)
Afeefa Khan 1EpsomFashion Journalism
Alasdair Goudie1FarnhamJournalism & Creative Writing
Alex Clifford2FarnhamJournalism & Creative Writing
Alex Cummins3CanterburyGraphic Design:Visual Communication
Alex Jones2FarnhamGraphic Communication
Alex Oliver3RochesterDesign for Theatre, Film & Performance
Alex Pearson1FarnhamDigital Film & Screen Arts
Alex Pritchard3FarnhamJournalism & Creative Writing
Alexandre Henon0EpsomFashion
Alexandrina Cojocara2RochesterFashion Photography
Amethyst Hopkins-Robertson1FarnhamGraphic Communication
Andrea MorganMA 1 (PT)CanterburyMA Fine Art
Andree Leashon-GerritsMARochesterMA Printed Textiles for Fashion & Interiors
Andrew Pantling1CanterburyFine Art
Anisha Dupree 1 FarnhamMedia & Creative Writing
Annie Durwood1FarnhamComputer Games Arts
Anthea Armah 3 FarnhamMedia & Communications
Archie Challen3FarnhamAdvertising
Arran Rodgers1FarnhamFilm Production
Asia McNeilly FECanterburyFE
Averline Liverpool 1RochesterPhotography + Fashion Photography
Azaria Messingham3FarnhamJournalism
Becky Elliott1EpsomFashion Management & Marketing
BEN CARPENTERCanterburyInterior Architecture & Design
Ben Casey 2 FarnhamMedia & Communications
Ben Champion MA 1CanterburyMArch
Ben Matthews3FarnhamComputer Games Arts
Benisha Janse Van Rensburg2FarnhamGlass, Ceramics, Jewelry & Metalwork
Bethan Gadd3RochesterFashion Textiles: Print
Bethany Duffy3RSNHand Embroidery for Fashion, Interiors and Textile Art
Bill Baker3EpsomMusic Journalism 
Billie Slingsby1CanterburyGraphic Design:Visual Communication
Billy Watson1FarnhamGraphic Communication
Britt Mansveld MAEpsomMA Fashion Marketing & Communication
Cameron Watts1FarnhamGraphic Communication
Carly GarlandFarnhamInterior Architecture & Design
Cassidy MosesEpsomFashion Promotion & Imaging
Cassie Rhodes1EpsomFashion Promotion & Imaging
Cat Barber 3RochesterComputer Animation Arts
Catelyn Seery 1EpsomFashion
Catherine LevinaFERochesterEDADYr 2
Cathrine ThapaFarnhamInterior Architecture & Design
Cem Uzum MA 1CanterburyMArch
Chantelle U'dellEpsomFashion Management & Marketing
Charlie Foster2FarnhamComputer Games Arts
Charlie Redman, 2RochesterFashion Photography
Charlie Serafini 3RochesterComputer Animation Arts
Charlotte Anne Bell 1EpsomFashion
Charlotte BealeFERochesterEDCMPT Yr 1
Charlotte MarshEpsomFashion Management & Marketing
Charlotte Mummery0FarnhamIllustration
Charlotte Scally1 (PT)RochesterMA Photography
Charlotte Simmonds3EpsomFashion
Charlotte Webster3RochesterFashion Buying Retail Management
Charlotte Wooten2FarnhamTextiles for Fashion & Exteriors (Print)
Cheryl LinMARochesterMA Printed Textiles for Fashion & Interiors
Chloe Atkinson3RochesterFashion Design
Chloe Chapman 2FarnhamTextiles for Fashion & Exteriors (weave)
Chloe Hobden0RochesterFashion Design
Chloe Johnson 3RochesterFashion Media & Promotion
Chloe Lambert3EpsomFashion
Christina Lifford1FarnhamIllustration
Clara Cosh-Escott1FarnhamIllustration
Connor Spilsbury Brown2EpsomMusic Journalism 
Conor Seery1FarnhamJournalism & Creative Writing
Coralie Dejonghe1FarnhamJournalism
Courtney Oates2CanterburyGraphic Design:Visual Communication
Csongor Fehér 2 FarnhamMedia & Communications
Daire LawlorFarnhamIllustration
Daisy Bendrey 3CanterburyArchitecture
Daisy Hope2FarnhamActing & Performance
Dan Mountney2FarnhamSports Journalism
Dana Caprio1RSNHand Embroidery for Fashion, Interiors and Textile Art
Dania Chacon Beltran3RochesterFashion Textiles: Print
Daniel Allnutt1FarnhamAdvertising
Daniel James  MAEpsomMA Graphic Design
Daniel Lewis1FarnhamComputer Games Arts
Daniel Stilwell MA 2CanterburyMArch
Danielle Bruce-TagoeFarnhamFilm Production
Dante CoeFERochesterEDADYr 2
David Russell 1FarnhamProduct Design
Deanna Crisbacher 2RochesterComputer Animation Arts
Demitra Coulson1FarnhamFilm Production
Dom Toma2FarnhamAnimation
Drew Sullivan1FarnhamActing & Performance
Echo GilletteMAFarnhamMA Illustration
Ekaterina Saiapina (Katerina)FEFarnhamInternational Foundation in Art, Design & Media
Eleanor Lodge1FarnhamFilm Production
Elena Thornton3RSNHand Embroidery for Fashion, Interiors and Textile Art
Elin Hannen2EpsomFashion
Elizabeth Lowe2RSNHand Embroidery for Fashion, Interiors and Textile Art
Elizabeth Whibley 1RochesterFashion Textiles: Print
Ellie EllridgeFERochesterCMPT2
Ellie Rose2RochesterProduct Design
Ellie SaundersFERochesterEDAD Yr1
Elliot JeffriesFERochesterFAD
Elsa RouyFERochesterEDAD Yr1
Emily Barton FECanterburyFE
Emily Berry2RochesterFashion Textiles: Print
Emily Clawson1RochesterFashion design
Emily Langran1RochesterFashion design
Emily YendleFarnhamIllustration
Emma Barratt2FarnhamAnimation
Emma Fowler 2EpsomFashion Journalism
EMMA PULLENEpsomMusic Journalism 
Eric Moss1CanterburyGraphic Design:Visual Communication
Erika Hawkins1FarnhamActing & Performance
ERIN DO CARMOEpsom Music Marketing & Promotion
Essa Duggal-Haider1FarnhamActing & Performance
ESTHER AYIBIOWU1CanterburyInterior Architecture & Design
Fatima KhanFERochesterEDAD Yr 2
FAZEEL BABURCanterburyInterior Architecture & Design
FRANCES DE HAVAS1CanterburyInterior Architecture & Design
Gabby Ellison2FarnhamActing & Performance
Genevieve Miller1CanterburyFine Art
George Pryer 1FarnhamDigital Film & Screen Arts
Georgina Fry0FarnhamFilm Production
Georgy Rakita (Yegor)FEFarnhamInternational Foundation in Art, Design & Media
Grace Evetts3FarnhamAnimation
Grace MortlockMA 1 (FT)FarnhamMA G, C, J, M, T, PD
Gregory Howes 3CanterburyArchitecture
Haleema Ahmed1RochesterFashion Textiles: Print
Hannah Last 3EpsomFashion Journalism
Hannah Martin91FarnhamAdvertising
Harry Draper 2 FarnhamMedia & Creative Writing
Harry Evans1FarnhamActing & Performance
Hattie Croucher3FarnhamAnimation
Hayley DickinsonMAFarnhamMA Filmmaking
Helen Stanger3FarnhamProduct Design
Helena Shaw1RochesterFashion Buying Retail Management
Henrietta Howling 3FarnhamGraphic Communication
Hikmat Mohammed 3EpsomFashion Journalism
Holly Labacik1FarnhamGraphic Communication
Holly Taylor2FarnhamFilm Production
Imogen MottFERochesterFAD
Imogen Polycarpou2RochesterTelevision Production
Ingebort Grant 2FarnhamTextiles for Fashion & Exteriors (Print)
Isaac Stallard0FarnhamAnimation
Isabel Duffy FECanterburyFE
Isabel MurphyFEEpsomFE - Vis Comm
Isabella Payne1CanterburyGraphic Design:Visual Communication
Izabela Girdwojn2EpsomFashion
Jack Atkinson 1FarnhamInterior Architecture & Design
Jack MacEntire1FarnhamAnimation
Jack MacEntire1FarnhamAnimation
Jack Rawlinson 1CanterburyFine Art
Jack Whiteman3FarnhamSports Journalism
James Dean3CanterburyFine Art
Jamie WindustEpsomFashion Management & Marketing
Jasmina Juskova2CanterburyGraphic Design:Visual Communication
Jean P Muhayimana1FarnhamSports Journalism
Jeannette MorotoMAFarnhamMA Filmmaking
Jennifer Ball1RochesterComputer Animation Arts
Jenny Cole2FarnhamJournalism
Jenny Teixeira Andrade FEEpsomFE - FPC
Jermaine IgorFarnhamIllustration
Jess Hickton  Farnham Photography
Jess Solway 2RochesterDesign for Theatre, Film & Performance
Jessica ParryEpsomFashion Management & Marketing
Jessica Smith3FarnhamTextiles for Fashion & Exteriors (Print)
Joanna Harajda 1EpsomFashion
Joe Cassar1RochesterDesign for Theatre, Film & Performance
Joe Crouch 2RochesterComputer Animation Arts
Joe Stevens 3 FarnhamMedia & Communications
Joel Smith1RochesterComputer Animation Arts
Jojo Montague3RochesterFashion Design
Jon Whitmore3RochesterPhotography
Jonathan Foster81FarnhamJournalism & Creative Writing
Jordan Emery2EpsomMusic Journalism 
Jordan Whitewood - Neal 3CanterburyArchitecture
Josh RaiFERochesterCMPT2
Joshua Jones 2RochesterTelevision Production
Josie HillierFEEpsomFE - Vis Comm
Joyce Spasioti 2FarnhamProduct Design
Julie GlassFarnhamInterior Architecture & Design
Jung Chen (Chloe)MAEpsomDigital Film & Screen Arts
Kanoko TeradaMAFarnhamMA Documentary Practices
Katherine Whetton2FarnhamDigital Film & Screen Arts
Kaushikee Gupta 2CanterburyFine Art
KELLY RONALDSONEpsomMusic Journalism 
Keshal Devchand3RochesterFashion Design
Kinga WazydragEpsomFashion Promotion & Imaging
Kira Rich1FarnhamAnimation
Kristina Suryani3RochesterProduct Design
Kyle Ayuba 2FarnhamGraphic Communication
Laura Davies1RochesterDesign for Theatre, Film & Performance
Laura Fisher2RochesterPhotography
Laura Mobbs 1FarnhamGlass, Ceramics, Jewelry & Metalwork
Laura Watson2EpsomFashion
Laura KingFarnhamInterior Architecture & Design
Lauren Bodiam 3FarnhamAdvertising
Lauren-Reanne Steele FEEpsomFE - fashion & textiles
Leah Pennie 1EpsomFashion Journalism
Lianne Manna 2FarnhamProduct Design
Lily Anderson FERochesterFAD
Lily Greenhalgh 3RochesterDesign for Theatre, Film & Performance
Lily Walker 3FarnhamTextiles for Fashion & Exteriors (weave)
Lisa Derand 2CanterburyFine Art
Liz Marine Shin FEEpsomFE - fashion & textiles
Lizzie Ashmore-Fish2CanterburyGraphic Design:Visual Communication
LOUIS MOUSSETCanterburyArchitecture
Louisa Kelly 2 FarnhamMedia & Communications
Lukas Vitkauskas2FarnhamActing & Performance
Lullana Chokpitakkul1 (FT)RochesterMA Photography
Madeline JonesMA 2 (PT)Canterbury MA Fine Art
Maike Laengin 3FarnhamTextiles for Fashion & Exteriors (weave)
Martyna Jurczyszyn3RochesterPhotography
Matt Tucker2FarnhamActing & Performance
Matthew Tye3FarnhamComputer Games Arts
Maxine Nyamayaro3EpsomFashion
Megan Taylor0EpsomFashion
Mica Griffiths-Todd2RochesterFashion Textiles: Print
Michael MatthewsFEEpsomFE - FPC
Michael Rashleigh-Higgins 1RochesterPhotography + Fashion Photography
Michael Sherwood2RochesterFashion Textiles: Print
Michelle Wenmouth3CanterburyFine Art
Mike Walter (John)3FarnhamGraphic Communication
Milena Nixon2EpsomFashion
Mirella El-Jebaili 3FarnhamDigital Film & Screen Arts
Molly Jones2CanterburyIllustration and Animation
Morgan Ferriday 1RochesterPhotography + Fashion Photography
Nadine KeatleyCanterburyArchitecture
Naiga Kibuuka0RochesterFashion Design
NAZIFA HUSSAINCanterburyArchitecture
Neesan Gurung0EpsomFashion
NGQABUTHO Nkomo2FarnhamFilm Production
Nick HarperFarnhamIllustration
Nicole McCue3CanterburyGraphic Design:Visual Communication
Nicolo Goattin 0FarnhamFilm Production
Nina Heywood2CanterburyIllustration and Animation
Ninad Pralhad PednekarMACanterburyMA Interior Design
Olive Sutherland1FarnhamActing & Performance
Omolara Ogunyemi2EpsomFashion
Paloma (Pam) Molina Macias 3FarnhamGraphic Communication
Patricia Dixon3RochesterTelevision Production
Patrick Oshaughnessy2FarnhamAdvertising
Paul Wickes2RochesterPhotography
Pippy Downs1RochesterFashion design
Preston Hartley2FarnhamDigital Film & Screen Arts
Rachel Bramley3FarnhamDigital Film & Screen Arts
Ramond (Ray) Roberts 3FarnhamFilm Production
Rana Taha2RochesterFashion Design
Rebecca Brett3RochesterPhotography
Rebecca Hill2EpsomFashion
Rene HarrisonMAEpsomMA Fashion Business & Management
Renee Leslie3EpsomFashion
Robert Clarke0CanterburyFine Art
Robyn WoronkaMAFarnhamMA Documentary Practices
Rosie Panton2CanterburyGraphic Design:Visual Communication
Ryder Priess1CanterburyFine Art
Sam Borg 2EpsomFashion Journalism
Sam E Locock1FarnhamFilm Production
Sarah Buettner2FarnhamComputer Games Arts
Sarah Facey1EpsomFashion
Sarah Greshoff1RochesterFashion design
Sarah Salcedo2RochesterFashion Design
Sean Hilton2FarnhamGraphic Communication
Shannon Cotton3EpsomMusic Journalism 
Shannon Goddard2FarnhamPhotography
Sian Cook1RSNHand Embroidery for Fashion, Interiors and Textile Art
Sian Doman0EpsomFashion
Siyu Yan (Irene),MA 1 (FT)FarnhamMA G, C, J, M, T, PD
Sofi Garfias Torrent FEEpsomFE - FPC
Sofia Fernandes Teles Da Silva1EpsomFashion Management & Marketing
Sonia Zelenicka1RochesterTelevision Production
Sophia DayFERochesterEDAD Yr 2
Sophie Correa1FarnhamActing & Performance
Sophie Lamarque MA 3CanterburyMArch
Stephen Frith2FarnhamActing & Performance
Steven Munday3FarnhamDigital Film & Screen Arts
Taylor BrandFERochesterFAD
Thomas Maddocks1CanterburyGraphic Design:Visual Communication
TIA CORQUAYEEpsom Music Marketing & Promotion
Tia Treherne 1RochesterPhotography + Fashion Photography
Tilly-Rose Reynolds 2FarnhamTextiles for Fashion & Exteriors (weave)
Toby TrangmarFERochesterEDAD Yr 2
Tom Makinson3FarnhamAnimation
Tommy Dobson3RochesterPhotography
Veronika Pazicka0FarnhamIllustration
Vicki Luckman FECanterburyFE
Wai Phyo2RochesterFashion Buying Retail Management
Wei-Yun ChangMAFarnhamMA Illustration
Wesley Denne3RochesterTelevision Production
Willow Hudomiet-Forrest2RochesterProduct Design
Yazmine HayrerCanterburyArchitecture
Yujia Huo (Eva)MAEpsomMA Design, Innovation & Brand Management
Zak Wilkins1RochesterTelevision Production
Zhane Lawson-Johnson 1EpsomFashion
Zigiant El Sarkaoui MACanterburyMA Architecture
Zunera Siraj1EpsomFashion
Annie HeardFEEpsomFE - Fine Art
Sam Wood1FEEpsomFE - Fine Art
Tyler Fowler FEEpsomFE - 3D
Fabio Fariselli FEEpsomFE - 3D
kayley Phillpott2RochesterFashion Media & Promotion
georgia Rose Standing2RochesterFashion Media & Promotion
Foundation Diploma
Eleanor Button
Foundation Diploma
Ellie Higgins
Foundation Diploma
Helen Long
Foundation Diploma
Jordan Beech
Foundation Diploma
Leah Fripp
Foundation Diploma
Vincent Marti Rubio
Foundation DiplomaFE
Sonia Andreeva
Foundation DiplomaFE
Jen Johnson
Foundation DiplomaFE
Annie Downham
Textiles  for Fashion & Interiors
FarnhamKatie Wilkinson  
Textiles  for Fashion & Interiors
FarnhamMarcia John 


  • Be a part of improving student experience for all
  • Develop professional communication & personal development skills
  • Achieve a certificate of recognition and attend an award ceremony
  • Meet new people and make friends
  • Develop stronger professional relationships with staff and academics
  • Gives insight into how the university is run
  • Networking opportunities


Fashion students studios were shutting at 5pm everyday when students needed them for longer. The course reps put together a petition of all the students’ names that wanted extended hours and took it to their course board.

The course leader then showed it to the relevant staff that organised a new staff timetable that allowed for later opening hours.

Students were unhappy with the feedback they received on their work.

The course reps ran an open discussion on Facebook asking students what they wanted to see changed. The majority of students wanted more information about what aspects of their work was meeting the marking criteria rather than just negative criticism.

The course reps took this information to their course board. As a result the course leader discussed the issue with staff and they agreed to offer positive feedback before outlining areas of improvement.

Some product design students wanted to know more about career options and skills for the work place.

Through taking this to the course leader and course board meeting, the university arranged for a local professional to come in to talk about their experiences.

Students from interior architecture had a project where they had to work in groups but the studio space was better suited to independent learning.

The course reps discussed this at their course board and found that other years agreed it was a problem.

As a group, they looked at the studio space and rearranged to encourage greater group work.

The graduation ceremony for fashion textiles students fell on the same day as New Designers event – which many decided to attend instead.

Course reps helped arrange an on-campus photo one campus in robes for another day and now the university has checked that graduation doesn’t clash with any key events for the future.

Graphic design students were told their end of year show would no longer be held in London due to budget constraints.

When the course reps went to their course leader it became clear the decision had not been his. So the course reps went to school board, where they could raise their concerns with the head of school and other course leaders.

The course reps took lots of alternatives and evidence as to why a London show was important and they were successful.