Student opinion really matters to us. We call it the Student Voice and is the most important tool we have when trying to make things better for students at UCA.
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Course Reps

Course Reps are an essential link between students and UCA: they represent the collective voice of their course mates and help improve your time at university.

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Student Council

Student Council looks at student concerns and tells the Union what it should be doing.

They hear updates from the Campus Officer about what they have been up to and have the power to challenge what the officer is doing to ensure they remain focused on the issues that matter to you!

There are two student councils:
A Kent Student Council where Canterbury and Rochester officers meet.
A Surrey Student Council where Epsom and Farnham officers meet.

*The Union provides transport between campuses for Student Council.

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Big Ideas

Tell us what you’d like to change and how this will help students.
You can do this using the form below.
Once you've done this, Student Council will meet to agree how to make it happen.

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Student Voice Report

The Student Voice Report is a document produced annually by UCA Students’ Union. It contains answers from students to questions covering virtually every facet of life at UCA. It is used by UCA and the Students’ Union as a barometer of progress at the institution.

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Trustee Board

The Trustee board is the top governing body at UCASU and has the final say in what the Union does. Trustees are legally responsible for all the strategy and big decisions made by the Students’ Union. They ensure we operate in an ethical way, within the law, and don’t do anything that could financially damage us.

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The UCA Student Charter

The UCA Student Charter has been drafted jointly by the Students' Union and the University. It is a mutual agreement, summarising what students can expect to receive from UCA and what is expected of them in return. It focuses on the principles of creativity, distinctiveness, mutual respect and community.

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