Hello there, I’m David Lewis, the new Campus Officer for Maidstone. I originally come from Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire and I’ve recently graduated with first class honours in Graphic Design: Visual Communication.

I have a passion for trying new food in restaurants. I’ll rarely ever order the same meal more than once, unless I really like it. I like to go to those odd café’s you think nobody would ever go to and I also like to dine in style anywhere with a good reputation. I’ve also started collecting retro postcards that have a summery dream-like atmosphere. I enjoy listening to electro-indie music, BBC Radio 6 and following music blogs.

I became Campus Officer to create a balanced relationship with the Union and students. I want to be able to offer everything that student’s expect from their Union, I want to listen to what people want and focus my attention on areas people truly feel passionate about. I want the Union to comprise of multiple elements and not let it get lost or narrow-minded.

Not everyone is political, yes, politics is an important part of my role but I want to balance this with opportunities to create a closer community and have a good time.

I’m aiming to create spaces and events for us to socialise, I also want get a bunch of students into town and see what creative ideas could be realised while working with local business’. This year I’ll also be looking history of UCA Maidstone and the legacy we’ll leave behind.

We have a new year, a new Campus Officer and a lot of imagination and energy to get some stuff done.



David Lewis

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If you need to contact us about anything at all, just use the info here:

Telephone: 01622 62 0013

Email: dlewis.su@ucreative.ac.uk

Skype me: My status

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Stonewall are hosting their annual Equality Walk in Brighton on Sunday 11th May 2014. Further information on this event can be found on the link below http://equalitywalk.org.uk/ As part of the universities  commitment to equality and continued support to Stonewall, UCA are considering coordinating transport to enable staff and students to take part. In order to […]


Library Shelving Vacancies 2014/2015   2 x Shelvers required to work in the UCA Library in Rochester during term time – 7 hours each per week (suitable hours to be agreed at a later stage) –   Approx. £6.30 per hour          Starting week beginning – 15th September 2014     If you are interested in this role please come […]


STUDENT WARDEN The University is currently looking to recruit students to act as Wardens for the academic year 2014-15. If you will be a 2nd or 3rd year student, studying full-time, in September 2014 and are interested in providing pastoral care and disciplinary guidance for residents in University accommodation, please contact Accommodation Services for more […]


Summary of Student Feedback on PSA2, UCASU The Role of the SU The Students’ Union and the University are working together to bring transparency and understanding to the Profession Service Alignment project (PSA2). The SU offers a channel for students to feedback to the university during the consultation period; this has been achieved in different […]


Following a review at its recent meeting, the University Health, Safety & Wellbeing Committee has approved a ban on the use of electronic cigarettes inside all University buildings (including Halls of Residence). As yet, there is no regulation of the electronic cigarette industry and little scientific research into the long term health impacts on users […]

Campus Officers

Rochester - Jasmin Grimshaw
Farnham - Jayne Horswill
Epsom - Louise Green
Canterbury - Anthony Gray

What Students Say...

The Union brought back Life Drawing to the Illustration department after it was cancelled. Life drawing was an integral part of our practice so it was greatly appreciated when it returned!

Ewan G, Maidstone

The Union gives hope... when winter is coming.

Laura W, Maidstone

When concerns and worries about course and university issues were at a distressing tipping point, the Union helped me rationalise and encourage a student-led defence against the problems

Tariq E, Maidstone

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