Hello! My name is Becky Dann and I am your Campus President for 2016/17. I have recently graduated from UCA Farnham with a BA in Photography. I was also the Students with Disabilities Officer in the Student Council last year before being elected Campus President.

Some of the things I mentioned in my manifesto that I wish to improve at this university is the access to mental health support as well as more disability support in the university. I also really want to show the community more at our university by introducing more social events and day time workshops within the union and university.

I also want to work on student incentive rewards to motivate students and bring back that passion to their work.

These are just some of the small things, I am here to help students and help you get the most out of your time at university. I would like to think I am a happy approachable person so please do not hesitate to come say hi, have a chat and if you have any suggestions/questions please do ask! I am here to help you.




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If you need to contact us about anything at all, just use the info here:

Telephone: 01252 89 2693


Skype me: My status

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Campus Officers

Rochester - Tasmin Brindley
Epsom - Silviu Doroftei
Canterbury - Ellie Webb

What Students Say...

Thanks for an amazing three years and for helping me so much.

Sarah K, Farnham

The Union is an extremely effective group that helps students solve problems arising from course or academic areas.

Lee E, Epsom

The Union brought back Life Drawing to the Illustration department after it was cancelled. Life drawing was an integral part of our practice so it was greatly appreciated when it returned!

Ewan G, Maidstone