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  • Chair

    The Chair is the person with the overall responsibility for the group and its activities. They chair any meetings and delegates the tasks between the committees. They are also the ones in charge of keeping communication between the club/society and the SU.

  • Other members of the Committee

    The committee works together to lead the club or society. This is made up of a Secretary and a Treasurer. Please list who will hold these positions.
  • Secretary

    The Secretary is responsible for all correspondence relating to group affairs, informing the membership of events and meetings, and minuting meetings. The Secretary is also responsible for keeping records of the membership and of training and qualifications of group members. They find out the what's, who's, when's and where's; recording and communicating these so that members know what is going on.
  • Treasurer

    The Treasurer is responsible for the budget of the group and will account for any other income or expenditure made on behalf of the student group. This person works out how much activities will cost and earn, takes responsibility for cash and credit, and ensures the group is viable and sustainable i.e. that funds are available to carry out current and future activities. They make sure the group knows what it is earning and spending and doesn’t get into debt.
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    Please list people you know will join your society. They should have clearly told you that they intend to join (don't take interest or curiosity as implied intent to join).

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